5 Fitness Apps for 2015

5 Fitness Apps for 2015

Get yourself in shape throughout 2015 with these fitness apps.

With so many #fitness #apps on the market, wading through all those choices can seem like an #exercise in itself.  To make life easier for you – and to help us lose a bit of weight in the office – we’ve picked five apps that should be on your shortlist.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is a free calorie-counting app that has an enormous database of food and ingredients. Not only will it show you how many calories you’re getting through, but it can also track any exercise you do.  Of course you’ll still need willpower, but many, many people swear by this app.

Zombies, Run!

We’ve started watching The #WalkingDead and so this zombie-themed running app sounds like a terrifically good idea.  The premise is that you’re a survivor hunting for supplies and the app feeds you information about the zombie outbreak and tells you when to speed up because the undead are near by.

Sleep Cycle

When you think fitness, you probably think movement.  But a large part of staying healthy is being rested.  How are you supposed to exercise if you don’t recharge your batteries?  The #SleepCycle alarm clock claims it can figure out how deeply you’re snoozing and then wake you in your ‘lightest sleep phase’, meaning you get up without feeling groggy and can hit the ground running.


If you manage to survive the zombie apocalypse and want to take your running, or cycling, a bit more seriously, #Runtastic is a fancy pedometer that tracks distance, routes, calories and all sorts of other things.  It’s also supported by a range of branded ‘wearable tech’, including fitness trackers and Bluetooth heart rate monitors.  (My ideal exercise app would come with a hammock.  And a duvet.)


I’m putting this in here because it’s so peculiar.  Why?  Well, it’s an exercise app that’s mean to you, calling its users ‘meatbags’ and describing itself as a ‘fitness overlord’.  If you’re tired of wimpy advice, perhaps you need a bit of Carrot’s stick?

What do you think of our list?  If we’ve missed anything out, let us know in the comments.  After all, the best judges of an app, or hammock, are the people that use it.

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