The Right Pen For The Right Occasion

The Right Pen For The Right Occasion

We use pens every day. We often grab and go, maybe swapping black for blue, or bold for fine, but aside from those 30 seconds, we don’t give much thought to the pen we have chosen to spend the day with.

There will come a time, however, when an ordinary stick pen is just too, well, ordinary, and something more luxurious and inspiring is called for.

We’re not saying rush out and blow your life savings on an outrageously expensive pen, just something to help boost the confidence a little 🙂


Unless you’re a master of memory, note-taking during a meeting is a must if you want to remember key points. The 100 best excuses handbook you once swore by no longer applies. You need a pen that compliments your professional image but more importantly, a pen you can rely on. An attractive free-flowing rollerball, the Parker IM Premium for example, will support you through your mid meeting writing frenzy and beyond.

Business Trips

You need a pen that travels well and can be used for everything. You’ll have plenty of things to pack, and as delightful as a briefcase full of pens may sound, it’s not practical. You’ll be mixing with important business associates and you’ll always be on the lookout for new contacts, so first impressions really count. That’s why we love the sophisticated Waterman Expert Ballpoint. It looks elegant, writes beautifully and just like its owner, means business.


Preparation is the key to eliminating some of those pre interview nerves. It’s advisable to produce your own pen if needed, show them you are organised and ready for this new challenge. You are only human so don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. You could do with a nifty little ballpoint to slide inside your planner. A Parker Jotter in your favourite colour perhaps? With its slim, durable frame this pen is perfect for on the go and is a smooth writer.

Coffee Mornings

Coffee mornings are an amazing way to have fun while at the same time raising money for charity. Showing up is the easy part. Behind the person overseeing events, making sure everything runs smoothly is almost certainly a great pen. With so much to plan, what better pen to keep your fund-raising momentum going than the super smooth Uniball Jetstream? Take advantage of the quick drying, water and fade resistant ink. Once those generous donations and volunteer offers are committed to paper, there’s no going back. Although it’s unlikely anyone would dream of attempting such a thing where worthy causes are concerned.

To-Do Lists

Shopping lists and to do lists, we all write them. It’s not just about forgetfulness. Lists help us stay focused and the act of ticking off an item gives us a sense of achievement. How about a Pilot FriXion? With so many colours to choose from, your To-Do list need never look dull again. If you do happen to overlook an item on the shopping list and you are met with sad eyes upon your return home, you could try something a bit naughty: erase the item, sigh despairingly and ask them how you were supposed to remember it if it wasn’t on the list?


Choosing the right pen for the right occasion isn’t always easy. When you stop wanting to see how far the clip bends before it snaps, when chewing it is unthinkable, and when you’ve started making wild hand gestures whilst holding it in a similar way someone wearing a new engagement ring would, you know you’ve found the one.

Do you have a favourite occasion pen? We’d love to hear about them!

Are you crazy about pens? You’re in luck. So are we:

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