Euroffice’s Top 10 Back To Work Products

Euroffice’s Top 10 Back To Work Products

You might be back in the office, but you can still bring the spirit of the holiday  with you.  Re-live your summer break without leaving your desk thanks to these handy accessories.


Take yourself back to the shore with a beach scene mousepad.  Featuring a photo of a tropical island – with a weirdly bright sun – the gel wrist rest looks like the bottom of calm blue bay.   While you might not be able to go for a poolside swim at lunch, you can at least pretend your wrist is relaxing in an inflatable chair.

Air freshener

Oh, what strange scents we smell at work.  The fumes from the street outside, the unidentifiable odour emanating from the back of the IT dept and, of course, the colleague that still thinks Lynx makes him alluring, so he uses a full aerosol each morning.  Nudge your nose towards Nirvana by buying a new air freshener for the office; treat yourself to a new forest each morning, rather than an old fridge.

Herbal tea

Is there a better way to wind down than having a herbal tea?  I think not.  Try this relaxing mix of blends that contains flavours such as strawberry and mango,  jasmine and ginseng, pomegranate and peppermint.  (Is it just me or do the last four ingredients read like the name of a 1960s folk band?)

Cooling fan

Already missing the soft kisses of a mountain breeze? Don’t let that be a distant memory – get yourself a cooling fan, preferably one that swings round to give you that all enveloping embrace. Imagine the hum to be the muted strains of alpine horns. Plant some fir trees made from cardboard and green paper on your desk and you’ll be transported to your hilltop paradise.


No, not the sort that you need to protect yourself from the elements.  The kind that’s made of wood and paper and is really, really tiny.  Add a cocktail umbrella to any office drink to give it tropical feel, whether that’s your soothing tea, a chilled Coke or can of Lilt.  For added élan, gently place one of the umbrellas into your lunchtime sausage sandwich.  Tropical.

Air cushions

If trying to get back to work is just too difficult and your body is insisting you take a break, then stroll to slumber land with some packing aircushions – you know, the inflatable pillow things you get with fragile items in the post.   Find a favourite broom closet, or out-of-the-way desk, and fill with these cushions to make a makeshift air-bed.   Lie back and snooze.

Foot rest

You had to say goodbye the masseuse at the resort, and maybe took a few of her fluffy towels at the time, but you needn’t say au revoir to a massage.  Treat yourself to a foot rest especially designed to give your tired toes much-needed relief.  You could even buy several of them, so you can create an impromptu massage table for the office.  (Albeit a very low one – don’t try to use it if you’ve got a bad back.)


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