Hooray, It’s National Cherry Day

Hooray, It’s National Cherry Day

Here at Euroffice we love cherries.  They’re not only in our logo, they’re in our hearts, because we want to be fun and offer you the pick of the bunch.

In the (almost) words of Boney M, ‘Hoo-ray, hoo-ray, it’s nat-ional che-rry day’.  And to celebrate this occasion, we’ve come up with some intriguing fruit facts and scrumptious, and decadent, delicious and succulent cherry recipes for you to make at home.


Cherry and chocolate cupcakes? Oh my!


(Did you know that cherry Coca-Cola also makes an excellent marinade for ham? All you need is the drink, some brown sugar and maybe a few cloves for an extra kick of flavour.)

Cherry Fact 1

Cherries belong to the same group of plants as plums, apricots, peaches and… almonds.   I wonder who’s the nutty one at family parties?

Hard day at the office?  Relax with a cherry blossom cocktail

Cherry Fact 2

Since the 17th century, girls have played a game where they recited a rhyme and counted cherry stones to figure out who they’d marry.  Can’t decide who to go out with from Tinder?  Let fate pick a date for you.

Feel like you deserve something sweet? Here’s an easy-peasy cherry pie

Cherry Fact 3

I’ve read that Henry VIII ordered cherry orchards to be planted after he tasted the fruit in Belgium – but it’s supposed to be the Romans that first brought this luscious fruit to our fair shores.

You can never have enough pudding, so here’s a final recipe for cherry clafoutis

Cherry Fact 4

Some people say that the word ‘cherry’ comes from a place in north-eastern Turkey now called Giresun, but which the ancient Greeks knew as Cerasus.   However, I’ve found a book that says the fruit came first and the town was named after it.  A bit like how the colour orange was named after the fruit(Really.)






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