How to stay warm this winter

How to stay warm this winter

How to stay warm this winter now that the cold hasn’t just snapped but shattered into a thousand icy pieces, it’s time to think about how to stay nice and toasty warm at the office.

When you need some extra heat at work, stop yourself from simply turning up the office thermostat and heating up empty rooms. Sometimes when we’re cold what we really need is a heater and a hot drink – one to warm us up on the outside and the other to warm us up on the inside. This combination is the ideal way to stay warm this winter.

Halogen Heater

Halogen heaters aren’t just wonderful because they start putting out heat immediately, but also because of the warm glow that they cast into the office. It’s almost like having a portable fireplace that makes any area immediately cosy. And unlike a real fire, it’s easy to adjust the heater between power settings – no logs or coal needed.

But what drink should you have with your halogen? I think you should pair your new heater with a cup of cocoa, for a really Christmassy combination of comforting chocolate and that fireside glow. Bonus points if you’re wearing a woollen hat and festive jumper.

Convector heater

Unlike the halogen heater, a convector heater doesn’t make your room look more festive. However, it’s much better at heating up a larger area, since it works by drawing air in, and across, its heating elements. This means it puts out a subtle heat that really helps to warm a room gently until its toasty. This makes it better for meeting rooms since it can work unobtrusively and keep everyone comfortable.

Of course, after a long meeting, especially in a warm room, people might begin to feel a bit slumpy. Help wake your colleagues up with some good quality coffee. Everyone loves the smell of roasted coffee beans on a cold day and that little caffeine kick will help them stay alert for meetings to come.

Fan heater

Fan heaters are like the cousins to convector heaters. They work by bringing in air across their heating elements, but instead of letting it waft upwards, it’s fanned across them and then forced out. This means they can heat rooms up more quickly than other types of heaters. Of course, because they’re mechanical, they may make a bit more noise than other models, but that shouldn’t be too much of an issue in a busy office.

And when you’re busy working side-by-side with colleagues, sharing the trials and tribulations of that Christmas rush, what brings people together more than a classic cuppa? For extra cosiness you could bring even a teapot and tea cosy from home, so people feel like they’re not just at work, they’re with friends. Just make sure there are plenty of biscuits to go around.

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