Best Budget Pens

Best Budget Pens

All budget pens are the same, not much to look at and will write reasonably well if you’re lucky. You get what you pay for, right?

Wrong! With so many pens to choose from there’s no need to settle for second best. A good pen should write smoothly, demonstrate decent ink flow and be comfortable to hold and use regardless of its price tag.

We know what busy lives you lead and understand that the quest for a decent pen is probably at the bottom of the priority list, that’s if it makes the list at all. It’s easy to stick with what you know so if you’re having pen trouble let us save you some time and introduce you to some of our favourite budget pens.


Pens to try if you love ballpoints:

The Bic Cristal is THE budget pen. If you’ve never used one of these then where have you been?? One pack of these long-lasting, reliable pens in your desk drawer will ensure you don’t have to go pen shopping for a very long time. If you are a hard-core writer then you could choose the grip version for added comfort and they come in black, blue, red and green so that’s the most important office pen colours taken care of.

Are you always on the go? A pen that can handle life outside the office might be for you. The Pilot Downforce has a pressured ink refill which means it is usable at any angle and even works on oily or greasy surfaces. It is available in bright colours so when you’ve put it down somewhere ‘safe’ it will be easier to find.

How about the Zebra Z Grip? It’s a retractable no fuss ballpoint available in a range of colours. This pen is reliable and writes smoothly without any of the nasty ink blobs commonly associated with a budget ballpoint. The grip makes the pen comfortable to hold and the visible ink level ensures you will always know when it’s time for a replacement.


Pens to try if you love rollerballs and gel pens:

When you think Pentel, think EnerGel. This smooth, consistent flow of liquid gel ink makes writing feel effortless. The range of snazzy colours and point sizes ensures there is an EnerGel out there for everyone. It is light weight and easily clipped to you belongings making this pen a pleasure to carry around.

Another quick drying smooth writer to try is the Uniball Jetstream. For the speed writers out there you’ll be pleased to know this pen will keep up with you without breaking a sweat or more importantly, a smudge. The retractable stylish design is a budget pen that manages to look smart in any professional setting.

The Zebra Sarasa offers an ultra-smooth writing experience with quick drying ink that even left handers are sure to fall in love with. The smallest amount of pressure is required whilst writing, reducing the risk of tired, aching hands. The clear barrel allows you to monitor ink usage so you can refill your pen before being left high and dry. This pen is likely to be missed if lost so you may want to upgrade to the Sarasa Clip for added peace of mind.
Pens to try if you love fountain pens:

Believe it or not fountain pens don’t have to cost the earth. The Zebra Fuente disposable  fountain pen is a decent quick drying pen, great for those who love fountain pens but don’t want to risk bringing you own more costly pens to the workplace.

Are you new to fountain pens and not sure if they are right for you? The Bic disposable is an inexpensive way to experiment with fountain pens and get a feel for them before forking out for a refillable version. The ink window helps you keep on top of ink levels and the iridium nib is strong enough to withstand a fair amount of pressure.

If it’s an inexpensive refillable Fountain pen you’re after, you might want to try the Parker Vector. It is a slim line, durable pen with a smooth writing stainless steel nib. This pen is designed to be suitable for both right and left-handed people and is easy to refill with cartridges.


So there you have it, a selection of budget pens to be proud of. If you’ve found the perfect pen then by all means hang on to it but there’s no harm in keeping your options open. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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