Christmas Gifts For Him (And His Man Cave)

Christmas Gifts For Him (And His Man Cave)

What’s the best the #gift to keep a man occupied over #Christmas?  Giving him somewhere to hide.

Christmas is one of the most stressful times of the year.  And if you’re busy trying to get things organised for friends and family, the last thing you need is the man in your life distracting you.

What’s the answer? A man cave.  A place where he can retreat to sit, think and scratch in quiet contemplation.  But how can you prepare this space so that he’s ready to move in?  Well, you provide the sofa and we’ll bring the rest…

A fridge

He’s going to need a fridge. I’d recommend stocking it with sandwich stuff like cuts of meat, cheese slices and whole pickles.  (Think ‘food that can be eaten with a cocktail stick‘ and that’s about the level of culinary complexity we’re aiming for.)  Now he can keep himself fed without having to leave his little sanctuary.

Soft drinks

To make doubly sure he doesn’t start roaming the house and looking in kitchen cupboards, I’d also stock up on soft drinks from our fine selection.  Of course you can provide a beer or two, but you don’t want him too fuzzy around the edges when chores need doing or he’ll end up trying to vacuum the fish tank.  With the fish still in it.

Tablet & speakers

So he’s got the food and drink.  But to keep content in his cave, he also needs a TV and media player.  Oh and stereo system too.  The whole kit and caboodle so he can enjoy his snacks and relax to a bit of mellow music or munch to movies.  The solution? An #iPad and #Bluetooth speakers.   #Netflix, #Sky, #Spotify – all that entertainment held in the palms of his (ham-and-cheesy) hands.

Picture frames

What does every cave need?  A painting.  And what did every man enjoy when he was little?  Comic books.  Find out what his favourite superheroes were as a kid  then pick up some old comics for him to read and others for you to frame as art.   #Comic book covers are great for bringing a bit of colour to a room and he’ll love having something on the wall that you made just for him.

Mood lighting

There’s one last thing that we need to have this retreat set up right: proper lighting. You want a desk lamp, or perhaps an #uplighter, that will allow him to read  his comics in comfort without ruining the ambience.  Imagine you’re designing for 1940s film noir and that’s the kind of look you’re going for.

I’d feel so grateful if someone went to all this trouble to make a space like this for me.  Food and drink, movies and music and somewhere to read and relax.  What more could a man ask for?  I’d actually enjoy being sent to my room for being naughty.

Do you have a man cave or has someone set one up for you?  Let us know what it’s like in the comments.

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