Tidy Office, Tidy Mind: How To Christmas Clean Your Office

Tidy Office, Tidy Mind: How To Christmas Clean Your Office

With the excitement of the festive season rolling in means some lucky employees get to take extended holiday leave.

For some of those still slugging it out doing 9-5 late December, you can take the opportunity of downtime to get your work affairs in order for the New Year.

We have teamed up with office supplies supplier LEITZ to bring you these top tips on how to effectively tidy and prep for the fresh 2016 work year!

 As the December days pass, the employee numbers in the office dwindle meaning there’s less people around and more room and time to focus on tidying and organising your desk and wider office space.

  • File or throw: Between the chaos of meetings and presentations, you can often find your desk overflowing with stacks upon stacks of paper reports, invoices, scribbles of notes on paper – you name it. Take the time to rustle through and simply file or throw. To ensure you pack away your files in a safe and place, be sure to have sleeves, tabs and arch files at the ready.
  • Have the recycling bins ready: At Euroffice, we’re very environmentally conscious and believe all companies should implement an enviro-friendly working environment. With this in mind, it’s important to have separate throw out piles for recycling and other throw away items. By doing this, you’ll also save yourself time when discarding the junk into the skip.
  • Keep supplies or re-supply: When tidying up your desk space, it’s important to check your stationery levels and throw away any empty or un-useable products. While throwing away your empty pens, note-filled books and other used up stationery, be sure to take note of all the stationery products you will need to re-stock on.
  • Get virtually organised: While having a feng-shui office space is great for the mind and soul, it is even more so comforting to have a clean and organised computer. If your desktop is in disarray, then this is the prime time to sift through all your digital files. Firstly, start by creating main folders, for example ‘personal’ and ‘business’, then from there create sub-folders to place particular items within this i.e. ‘invoices’, ‘reports’ etc. For emails, implement a similar structure by creating sub folders within your main inbox to separate particularly clients, work, invoices, etc.
  • Personalise your desk: Once you’ve cleaned and organised your desk it’s important to make it feel comfortable and cosy. So why not add a plant to your desk or a comfy cushion to jazz up your work space!


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