The Top Ten Euroffice Top10s

The Top Ten Euroffice Top10s

Over the past few months we’ve been compiling a list of #Top10’s on all sorts of subjects.  Today we’re giving that list a bit of spit and polish and have come up with the (drumroll) Top Ten of Top10s.  Or to put it another way, it’s the Top of the Tops!


1.  Top Printer – Brother HL3140CW

This Brother is my pick of the list because you can password protect documents so prying eyes can’t peek at your private business.  It’s ideal for Christmas since  you can print out shopping lists and dinner reservations without the wrong person seeing them.

2.  Top Tip for Maximising Office Space – Let There be Light

My favourite tip from that Top 10 was the importance of having lots of light in your office.  Not only can a dark room make your workplace look dingy, but exposure to natural light can make us happier and more productive.

3.  Top Pen as Chosen by our Pen Expert – Parker Jotter

Pen supremo Janine Atkin had a great list of pens, all fantastic for different reasons.  But the best one for me was the Parker Jotter, which she chose for ‘being a reliable, refillable and hard wearing note taker‘ – a classic example that will last years and years.

4.  Most Creative use for your Diary  – My Daily Three

My Daily Three encourages us to write down three things we’ve done each day, however small they are.  The idea is that you’ll have a record of what you’ve been up to and something to talk about when you meet new people; the busier your life, the more interesting you seem.

5.  Most Useful Website –

Right at the top of the list is Snopes, a website that debunks urban myths and rumours (the kind you see pop up on your Facebook feed).  For example, one doing the rounds at the moment is that the world will run out of chocolate in 2020.  Thankfully now I know it won’t – thanks Snopes!

6.  Coolest Office in the UK – Euroffice

There are a lot of very cool offices in our round up, but there can only be one winner and that’s…Euroffice.  Yes, I know it’s cheating but it would be a bit mean to our home here at Dome House to say otherwise.  (Buildings have feelings too.)

7.  Most Essential App – Spotify

As recommended by our boss Simon Drakeford (but not Taylor Swift), Spotify is a free music streaming service with a huge catalogue of songs. I’m using it right now as it happens.  Apparently – *adjusts spectacles* – I’m listening to ‘mellow drum and bass’.  Is that like hippity-hop?

8.  Top Email Acronym – EOM

EOM stands for ‘end of message’.  I use it in emails when I can get all the pertinent info into the subject heading: ‘Free sandwiches in the foyer – EOM‘.  That saves recipients a few seconds since they don’t need to open the entire message.  I also like to sign off with LOL which, to me, means ‘lots of love’.

9.  Most Useful Business Book  – HTWFAIP

Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends And Influence People is essential for business and just as useful for your personal life.  First published in 1936, its lessons and ideas are still relevant today, with the main theme being ‘Think about things from the other person’s point of view’.  Give it a try, but do check out the other titles too.

10.  Best Office Movie – Office Space

Broken printers, stolen staplers, irritating bosses and a mid-Friends Jennifer Aniston (with long hair).  1999’s Office Space has become a byword for how life in the wrong office can be depressingly dull, stupendously annoying and very funny.  Dolly Parton’s 9-5 was a runner up.

So those are my picks out of our Top Ten Tuesday blogs.  But don’t just take my word for it.  Nope, you should definitely go and have a look at the Tens and see what your ideal list would be.  Why not share it in the comments?

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