Get Your Avengers Themed Desk Organised

Get Your Avengers Themed Desk Organised

Calling all stationery addicts! This week is National Stationery Week, a week of stationery fun. #NatStatWeek is a celebration of handwriting and anything and everything that we may use to write with and on. From notebooks to post it notes and pens and pencils.

Each day this week has been a stationery themed day and today is ‘get organised day’. With the recent release of the Avengers film, we’ve taken a look at how the Avengers would keep their desks organised at work.

Iron Man: The Tech Savvy Office Worker

The tech savvy office workers have a gadget for every office need. With a desk full of gizmos you’d be hard pressed struggling to find what you need.

If you’re the type that has mountains of paperwork sat on your desk then maybe you need to start organising your work. Don’t sit for hours manually stapling all that paper, use an electric stapler and you’ll have the job done in half the time. Check out this futuristic transparent stapler, with the mechanisms visible, it’s perfect for any Iron Man in the office.

Keep your top secrets and any new invention ideas away from prying eyes with an iPad privacy filter screen. Simply close the security lid to stop others from viewing your screen. Plus the touch screen functionality will remain fully responsive.

Every Iron Man has to be careful not to let slip any top secret ideas, plans or sensitive data so you’ll need to have a high rating security shredder. With a large sheet capacity and ability to shred paper clips, this is the ideal shredder for you.

The Incredible Hulk: The Heavy Work Load Worker

If you’ve got a very heavy work load and have the tendency to get a little stressed, then perhaps you’ll need some heavy duty products to be able to take the impact of when work just gets a little too much.

For your filing needs, why not opt for a fire resistant filing cabinet. If it’s fire proof, then we’re pretty sure it’s Hulk proof. So if you get a little violent with your files it shouldn’t be a problem.

So if you’re anything like the Hulk, when things get a bit tough, you might have a tendency of outgrowing your clothes! Make sure you’re prepared and keep a spare set at work. Stop them from creasing by and hang them up on your coat stand.

Keep calm and have a cuppa. Literally. Try this mix of herbal tea, it’s calming and refreshing – what’s not to love? And that way, you might just stop yourself from becoming the Hulk.

Captain America: The Technophobe Worker

So Captain America was frozen in time in the 1950s and zoom forward to the 21st century and he can get a little lost with technology. If you’re anything like Captain America, you might just prefer the good old fashioned pen and paper option over typing away on the latest laptop or tablet.

When it comes to writing, you don’t want anything less than a great pen. At Euroffice we love these Uni-ball pen. They’re sleek and chic and being a rollerball it’s smooth and offers great performance.

Want a stylish notebook that is also functional? Look no further. This Black n Red notebooks offers both style and functionality and with a wirebound spine you can lay the notebook flat for easier use. Plus with the perforated pages, tearing out pages will be a mess free job.

So if you’re more Captain America than Iron Man, you’re more likely to have physical paper copies of everything rather than hard copies saved to your computer. Make sure to store your files properly in an archive filing box. Store your files in stile with this Leitz stylish collapsible storage box.

Whichever office worker you are, make your desk Avenger ready and stay organised.

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