The Children’s Hospital School– Great Ormond Street Hospital

The Children’s Hospital School– Great Ormond Street Hospital

National Stationery Week is a whole week dedicated to, yes, you’ve guessed it . . . stationery! It’s a celebration of handwriting and anything and everything that we may use to write with or on. One of the main aims of #NatStatWeek is to get everyone writing again, especially children.

So we thought to ourselves how can Euroffice get involved to inspire others to write? And that’s when we came up with the idea of #SharpieShout. All you need is an old t-shirt and a Sharpie to write down your thoughts, wishes and feelings using a hashtag. Many of us have accounts on social sites and the hashtag is featuring more and more in daily life, especially with children and teenagers.

Writing is still a very popular way for children to communicate. With daily busy life sometimes it’s easier for children to write down how they’re feeling rather than speaking to the adults in their lives. #SharpieShout  is a great way of getting more time with your kids and getting them involved.

We sent a package of t-shirts and Sharpies to the Children’s School at Great Ormond Street Hospital to help inspire the kids to write. We also donated stationery packages to the school filled with educational and stationery goodies. We think they do a great job of providing an enriching education to the kids and we wanted to help them in their endeavour.

Euroffice team of helpers went down to the school at the beginning of the week with all the big boxes, and we were able to meet the staff and find out more about what great jobs they are all doing. We arranged a package for the kids with child-friendly stationery and also one for the staff and they were all very excited about the big boxes of stationery they received.

“We teach around 30 children in the classroom every day and we also do bedside teaching. We teach around 100 kids every day. The stationery donated will definitely get used – we are really grateful for the donation.” Danielle Valdar

We would like to thank Avery, Black n Red, Paper Mate and Sharpie for getting on board and contributing lots of stationery for the donation to the school.


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