Romance at the Office and Awkwardness at the Christmas Party

Romance at the Office and Awkwardness at the Christmas Party

Romance at the office is a tricky business. Here are some things you might want to consider before trying to kindle one.

Just to be clear, we’re not coming out as pro or anti #officeromance. We’re just trying to delve into some of the issues surrounding them. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, onto the tips!


Did someone put a ring on it?

Keep away from anyone that’s married. The heart can’t help what it wants, but if what it wants is taken, things are likely to go badly. Whatever happens, you’ll forever be defined in the office by that one choice.


You don’t need new a outfit

If you’re trying to get someone’s attention, don’t do it in new clothes or start changing the way you dress. Trying to make yourself more glamorous and attractive isn’t just going to be noticed by your potential beau, but everyone else too.  Do you really want the IT guys sending you flowers and teddy bears?


Be sure of the signals

You’ve got to be really, really sure that the colleague you fancy is even open to the idea of spending time with you. If you get shot down in flames, at best you’re going to be the subject of amused whispers. At worst? Well, let’s say HR will be involved.


The danger of dating Down-ton

Just like in #DowntonAbbey when one of the toffs has a dalliance with a servant, managers dating underlings can be a source of concern and jealousy for other employees; is the partner getting ahead because of talent or affection?


Keep it on the down-low

So you’ve started going out with a colleague and all is well. Just remember to keep public displays of affection to a minimum; it’s your life, not office life. And whatever you do, no baby talk. Does Fwuffybear want some help wiv his pwesentation?


Your manager is not a marriage counsellor

If things get rocky with your workplace romance, don’t discuss it with anyone in the office. Even if your company allows such relationships, your manager must remain unbiased and going to colleagues for advice can put them in an awkward position. Look to friends and family for help.



Don’t declare your love at the office Christmas party. Yes, the booze will make you feel warm inside. And courageous! And yes, she’ll look lovely as she’s eating crisps from a paper plate. So lovely. So blurry and her identical twin and you didn’t know she had a sister and why can’t you focus your eyes?

And grabbing the microphone from the DJ will seem like such a good idea and this is how it happens in 80s movies and she’ll think it’s quirky and romantic and brave. Oh so brave… But don’t.


Have you had any experience of an office romance?  Let us know in the comments whether yours was a burning flame or a damp squib.


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  2. Helen K at 10:06 pm

    I worked some place that had numerous married couples working in same environment. It really isolated others in the office and there were lots of problems with one of the spouses getting green eyed when they other half was in 1-2-1 with someone else.
    Toxic situation!!!

    • Inksmith at 10:37 am

      Horrible story, but you’ve made me realise Toxic would have been a great music video for the blog.

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