10 Easy Ways to Googlify Your Office With Stationery

10 Easy Ways to Googlify Your Office With Stationery

Have you seen the photos of the Google headquarters? I have and I’ve got a serious case of office envy. Who wouldn’t want to work in such a fabulous, colourful, quirky, fun looking building?

A dull, colourless office, desk upon desk of bland nothingness is hardly going to get those creative juices flowing. Before you start penning resignation letters and spamming Google with CVs, why not try googlifying your office. A splash of colour and originality can do wonders for any office.

You don’t have to go crazy. Sometimes all it takes is a few bright and quirky stationery items to bring your desk and your imagination to life …..


3M Post-It Notes Arrow Block

Filing Cabinet - Euroffice

Always having the most amazing ideas and then losing the scraps of paper you jotted them down on? Take a step in the right direction with these bright orange and green post it notes which are impossible not to notice, even amongst desk clutter.

GLO Aluminium Wall Clock Fuschia

glo clock_euroffice

It’s always a lovely surprise to look up at the clock during a productive day at work and see that the day is almost done. Even better when that clock is a cheery colour to enhance that happy home time feeling. Time flies when you’re having fun ….. Not so much for the clock watchers who begin the home time count down from 9.01am … why I ask… WHY? It’s a good looking clock, granted, but there is absolutely no need to look at it that many times!!!

GLO Fuschia Ring Binders

GLO ring binder_euroffice

How many minutes a day do you waste flicking through the wrong ring binders for a file that is over there, in another ring binder, that is the exact same colour, next to twenty other identical ring binders. Put an end to this file and seek misery. A colour coded filing system makes paperwork so much easier to locate freeing up valuable time for the million other things you have on your to do list.

GLO Retractable Ballpen

glo pens_euroffice

An eye catching set of pens in the pen pot are perfect for note taking. You’ll definitely notice when one goes missing. They stick out like a sore thumb so a quick scan around the room is all it takes to locate these highly visible pens.

Leitz WOW Click and Store 4 Drawer Cabinet


A messy desk doesn’t always mean a messy mind. Albert Einstein, Roald Dahl and Mark Zuckerberg are all known for having a messy workspace and they did quite well for themselves. What some would call clutter, another might call inspiration. Too much ‘inspiration’ on your desk might not go down well with the boss or could give the wrong impression to visitors. These collapsible cabinets give your desk an organised, mess free appearance at a moments notice.

Rexel Acco Staple Wizard Electric Stapler

rexel stapler_euroffice

A job that challenges you mentally on a regular basis, some might tell you, is the key to job satisfaction. Most of us however, do have the occasional mental block, not helped by certain colleagues who seems to always come up trumps, making even the most difficult of tasks look easy. This electric stapler has one simple job to do. By exposing its complicated inner workings it serves as a reminder that with hard work and determination, we too can produce excellent results and make it look easy.

Paper Mate InkJoy 100 Assorted Ballpoint Pens

papermate inkjoy_euroffice

With all the ink colours you are likely to need in the office covered and minimal pressure required to get the ink flowing, you can concentrate on your brilliant ideas rather than the tools you use to record them.

GLO by Bisley Tambour Cupboard Steel Side-opening

GLO yellow cabinet_euroffice

Every office needs its own cupboard of joy. Use this side opening cupboard to stash all of your office essentials so you never have far to go for those emergency items, such as biscuits, tea and coffee. Stationery and other office type things will fit inside too!


Do you have any quirky stationery items that make your desk or office stand out from the rest?



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