3 surprising ways home working could benefit your business

3 surprising ways home working could benefit your business

If you’re used to life in the office, then the prospect of working from home could be daunting, especially if it’s last minute or short notice.

We know that there’s a certain amount of set up involved when it comes to creating a decent home office – from making sure you have the best webcam and headsets to ensuring you have a comfortable chair.

But, once you and your team are settled in to the new way of working, you might just start to see the benefits of life working at home.

1 – Home working can mean higher output 

Too often, we get used to all of the distractions in the workplace, and they just become a part of our daily working lives.

The omnipotent trickle of the water cooler, the chit chat of weekend plans, the consistent hum of the trusty desk fan and of course the last minute meetings that seem to jump out of the blue.

They’re all small factors, but we’ve found that over time they can really impact employee ability to get stuff done.

Even when your team chooses to work remotely from coffee shops or coworking spaces, the volume of people still causes daily distractions which threaten their daily output.

But more often than not working at home eliminates these issues, meaning that your team members can focus better on their tasks without any headaches.

Nowadays, many people do have a home office space in their houses or apartments, meaning that they’re in a good position to avoid distractions which arise from working around others, and ultimately increase how much they can get done in a day.

2 – Work life balance might be better from home

We’re all trying to strike a work-life balance, and although working from home might seem like the opposite thing to do to achieve this, we’d argue otherwise.

Many home workers actually find that their health and well being on a personal level is better when they’re working from home because of a number of factors.

For example, there’s no need for the daily commute, fewer face to face meetings and generally employees spend less money on things like lunch and travel. All of this benefits staff stress levels and ultimately means happier and more productive workers.

So how does this benefit your business? Various studies have shown that there’s a positive correlation between health and happiness and job productivity.

With the impact on wellbeing in mind, it’s no wonder that so many choose to earn money from work from home jobs.

3 – Fewer overheads

This one might be slightly less surprising, but we’ve found that having more staff at home (once the initial home office buying is over) can reduce your office overheads significantly.

For starters, there’s a decrease in electricity bills, water, electricity, utilities and even rent and internet for your office.

Then, there’s a potential decrease in office expenses too – if fewer staff members are going to meetings or dining with clients, then it’ll potentially positively impact your finances.

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