Top 10 Essential Office Apps

Top 10 Essential Office Apps

How much time do you spend on your smartphone every day?

Here at Euroffice we’re also addicted to apps, so we’ve put together a list of Essential Office Apps to feed your addiction and make your office life a little bit easier.

From digitised post-its to HR management, these apps can help you work smarter and get out of the office sooner. No more procrastinating. (Okay, maybe just a little.)

Bear in mind that almost all of these links will direct you to iTunes, but if you don’t use an Apple device, don’t worry – some of these apps are also available on Android. (Of course, if you want to be double-productive, you should have both sets of phones and a copy of each app for each one. Yes.)

1. CloudOn

Create, view and share Microsoft Office documents on your mobile device. As used by #hipstercavemen in offices around Bedrock.

2. Post-it Plus

Take a photo of your Post-it notes and the app will digitise them so they can be organised and shared online with colleagues. In the next version, it would be nifty if you could stick virtual notes to people’s backs.

3. hronline

Manage employee holidays, sick leave and other records online. While it must be a godsend for HR people, it feels like this app is a bit like a spatula; incredibly useful, but not particularly exciting.

4. Wunderlist

Create and share to-do lists with colleagues, so you can keep track of tasks. That way Nigel in accounting doesn’t have an excuse for forgetting the office milk.

5. GeniusScan

A scanner in your pocket; take a photo and turn it into a PDF or JPG.  Just remember, if you’re an MP who’s trying to fiddle your expenses, alter the receipt before you scan it, otherwise you’ll end up with pen all over your screen.

6. SlideShark

Now you can share and lead interactive PowerPoint presentations from your phone or tablet. (I know everyone uses it, but does anyone actually like PowerPoint?  This is akin to advertising an easier way to get the flu.)

7. SamCard

Turn physical business cards into digital contacts by snapping a photo of them. If you scan a Japanese business card, should you study it carefully before putting the phone into your pocket?

8. OpenTable

Find nearby restaurants and book reservations from your phone. Perfect for last-minute business lunches. Just remember, if you’re dealing with important clients, try to avoid food served in paper or buckets.

9. DailyRoutine

Create a timeline for your day where you can add and manage things your tasks, and set start times and durations for each one. Bonus: the design makes it look like something from a 1960s rock album.

10. Spotify

Last but not least, Spotify is our CEO Simon Drakeford’s favourite app. Listen to songs for free, create your own playlists and discover new artists.

We all need a little music in our day, and the right tune or playlist can do wonders on a long or stressful day (or both). I’m listening to #ComTruise at the moment. (Really.)


So those are some of our favourite apps here at Euroffice. Which one do you use most? Will you be downloading any new ones? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Sheila at 2:13 pm

    I’m with the CEO Simon, I love Spotify. Haven’t used some of the others but the scan ones look handy for sure. Great post!

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