Pens That Last a Whole Year

Pens That Last a Whole Year

January is one of my favourite months. I like to think of it as a new and exciting chapter in life, never quite knowing what will happen next. I know it’s not always plain sailing but what’s life without a few obstacles to test a person’s strength and determination?

One thing I can be sure of is having a pen that will last me the whole year. A small thing to concern myself with but if George Clooney were to stop me in the street and ask to borrow a pen I’d kick myself if all I had to offer him were a battered old Biro that only managed to take down half of his phone number before the last droplet of ink ran dry, ruining my life forever.

So you see, having a pen that will last the whole year isn’t such a small thing to concern myself with after all.
Luckily Euroffice stock plenty of pens that I’m confident will still be going strong when 2016 rolls in so whatever your dreamy scenario turned pen-less nightmare may be (there must be at least one, surely?) it need never become reality.


Pilot DownforcePilot Downforce - Euroffice

Fancy pens don’t necessarily suit everyone. For the hands on, outdoors kind of person, a no frills, practical but reliable and hard wearing pen is just the thing. The Pilot Downforce continues to function on oily and wet surfaces and the pressurised refill keeps you flexible and mobile by writing up against a wall or upside down if needs be. The larger clip makes allowances for thicker clothing and larger items so you can work, secure in the knowledge that your pen is safe.


Parker Vector Fountain PenParker Vector Fountain Pen - Euroffice

The slim light weight frame of the Parker Vector is barely noticeable in your pocket, making it the ideal travelling companion. The ink flow is generous without being too wet so there’s no reason why this pen wouldn’t be suitable for everyday use. The durable stainless steel nib can withstand a decent amount of pressure so don’t be afraid to use it. If the typical black and blue ink cartridges don’t light up the page with personality you can opt for bottled ink via a converter.


Pentel EnerGelPentel Energel - Euroffice

Don’t be put off by the plastic body of this pen, it’s stronger that it looks. I personally have one of these pens in my bag at all times and it’s still going strong after almost two years. The refillable ink flows generously and smoothly and the ink dries quickly too so you can snap your notebook shut and not be too worried about what it will look like next time you open it.


Leitz complete 4 in one stylus penLeitz complete 4-in-1 stylus pen - euroffice

If technology is your number one passion, a decent pen being a mere afterthought, you might be interested in the Leitz complete 4 in one stylus pen. The led light will help you locate the phone charger hidden in the deepest darkest corner of your desk drawer and the stylus is always on hand to assist you with a temperamental touch screen. The laser pointer is ideal for use during presentations (although I’m sensing that teasing the cat with it will feature high in your list of daily priorities) oh and there is a pen too.


Parker Jotter Mechanical PencilParker Jotter Pencil Euroffice

Dust off those pencil shavings from your lap, put down that 1.5 inch scrap of wood that you’re still calling a pencil and try the Parker Jotter Mechanical pencil. OK, so you’ll upset a few pencil sharpeners but what’s that compared to the joy of pencilling in those margin notes or appointments in the diary with a stylish pencil that will last you whole year? You might upset a few erasers too as there’s one hidden in the cap button.


Waterman Hemisphere Stainless Steel BallpointWaterman Hemisphere Stainless Steel Rollerball - Euroffice

If you want a pen that not only lasts the year but attracts admiring stares each time you use it then the Waterman Hemisphere is the one for you. This sleek and sophisticated pen uses the twist mechanist to reveal its smooth writing, medium point tip so no crying over lost lids. Bear in mind that it may be difficult not to start resenting this pen when you realise its timeless good looks have long outlasted yours. (Also available as a rollerball or fountain pen)


With a little love and attention these pens are likely to make it through the whole of 2015 and beyond. The occasional ink refill may be required and provided you don’t lose them, stand on them or let the dog chew on them they should be fine.

Have you got a favourite pen that has lasted longer than you expected it to? We’d love to hear about it.

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