Great British Bake Off Bingo

Great British Bake Off Bingo

This series of the Great British Bake Off amassed over 10 million viewers in the first episode alone. Proving that this show is a modern institution for chilly autumnal nights.

It’s also a great show to watch after work as a family or with a group of friends, especially if you are inspired to bake something to go along with it! And if not your much of a baker, but want to interact a little more with the show, why not save our Great British Bake Off Bingo card below, print out a copy for your family and friends too and sit back and enjoy the show and the bake off bingo game.

The rules are simple, mark off the squares as you hear or see them happening during the show. The person paying the most attention and with the most squares crossed off will be the winner.

You can raise the stakes and suggest that the loser has to make a show stopper bake for the following week’s episode as a forfeit for losing.

So don’t forget to print this off before the next episode on Wednesday at 8am on BBC1 and play along!

Bake off bingo sheet

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