Making your Office Dog-Friendly

Making your Office Dog-Friendly

We know every dog lover has thought about, or wishes they could, bring their dog into the office. So we’ve decided to put this piece together to let everyone can know both how to have a dog-friendly office and how business can benefit from being dog-friendly.

Having a dog-friendly office has been shown to be advantageous for business in a number of ways. To start with, it has been proven that allowing employees to have dogs around actually reduces their levels of stress. This works because petting a dog releases a hormone in the brain (Oxytocin) that not only reduces stress but actually lowers blood pressure. This benefits businesses not just because their employees will be happier, which they will, but also because it will help business be more productive as 40% of all work-related illness are stress related.

Another key reason businesses decide to go dog-friendly is that it helps with staff attraction and retention. Simply put working in a dog-friendly office is something a lot of employees are keen on, meaning  they are more likely to join and stay at a company that offers this as a benefit.

The guide below details all of these benefits and more, and also gives step by step guidance on how you can make your office dog-friendly.

This article was first written because of  Bring Your Dog to Work Day! This day is organised each year by  Hownd and raises money for charities making a difference to the welfare of dogs. If you wish to donate please use this link.


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