Turn Your Office into a Tardis

Turn Your Office into a Tardis

If you’ve got a big business in a small office, you need simple ways to make the most of your space.  

Wouldn’t it be great if offices were like Dr. Who’s TARDIS – small on the outside and big on the inside?  While that’s the stuff of science fiction, with the right #officesupplies and storage products you can stretch your horizons to make your workspace seem awfully big.

Monitor Arms

If you work with a computer monitor, you’ll know how nice it is having a big screen, instead of having to peer at a tiny laptop.  The problem is that said big screen can dominate a desk, meaning there’s not much room for your other gear.  Think about using a monitor arm: it’s a convenient way to move the screen, liberate space and make it easier to work

Collapsible Storage

Maybe you need professional-looking storage, but can’t fit a bulky filing cabinet into your tiny office.  The solution?  Use collapsible #storage instead.  You can buy smart three-drawer units that are easy to put together (they don’t need screws) and can be quickly disassembled when not needed.

Work at a Corner Desk

Did you know that corners account for 33.3% of a room’s area?  OK, I made that up – but they are underused when it comes to office space, relegated to storing umbrellas and waste bins.  Use a corner desk to make the most of that space and allow yourself to spread out at work.
Sit at Folding Tables

If your company is expanding but you don’t want to move into new premises, or if you’ve got staff that mostly work on the road and touch base occasionally, consider investing in folding tables.  You can use these to set up ‘#hotdesks’ when needed, then pack them away again.  More workspace, no hassle.

Try a Compact Shredder

Take data security seriously, but find it hard to accommodate a kitchen-bin sized #shredder? Don’t worry – these days you can get micro-cut shredders small enough to fit underneath an office desk.  Just open it up, pop in your documents and let it shred.  No need to stand there feeding it page-by-page.

Think on Your Feet

If you need to have regular catch-ups with your team, but don’t have space to cluster your chairs around a desk, why not have standing meetings?  With a high bistro table – the kind of thing you’d see in a coffee shop – you and your colleagues can have a confab in comfort.

Rack Them Up

A bare wall is just waiting for a shelf.  In a tiny office you should aim high and make the most of all available space.   Racking – the sturdy metal shelves you see in warehouses and garages – can reach up 6ft 5in, so it’s a quick and simple way to expand your storage, skyscraper-style.

Do you have any TARDIS tips for the office?  Let us know in the comments or tweet us @eurofficecouk (it’d be extra cool if you sent us a picture.  We love to see our readers’ snapshots).