Nutrition and Hydration Week

Nutrition and Hydration Week

The healthiest week of the year, bar none.


Across all walks of life, taking care of one’s eating and drinking habits can do wonders for physical and mental health. March 13th marks the beginning of Nutrition and Hydration week, where we put our support behind a scheme aimed at promoting exactly that.

This national movement focusses on eliminating illnesses related to poor nutrition and hydration, promoting awareness and a greater understanding of the benefits of healthy intake and the dangers that come with turning a blind eye, and developing services concerning these goals.

Nutrition and Hydration week takes numerous different approaches to promoting these values. These include:

Health Improvements

A commitment to providing, to everyone;

  • Easily available, healthy food and drink; wellbeing essentials.
  • Easy access to good quality consumables in all health and social care environments.
  • Protected mealtimes, so no one misses out.
  • Great opportunities to celebrate and promote traditional and cultural food diversity. Absolutely everyone is welcome to get involved with Nutrition and Hydration Week!

Training and Education

Courses, events, and opt-in strategies centred on;

  • Promotion strategies for dietary improvements.
  • Nutrition and Hydration promotion strategies that encourage and improve the well-being of employers and employees alike.
  • Continued education and professional development opportunities for service providers in the sector to further enhance their knowledge and application of good nutritional care practices.

Service Promotion and Development

Helping as many people as possible to get involved, without interrupting a busy schedule:

  • Promoting and widening awareness of the ‘The 10 Key Characteristics for Good Nutritional Care’; an essential hit-list for day-to-day lifestyle improvement.
  • The introduction of industry-led minimum standards for nutrition and hydration across all settings and sectors.
  • The creation and introduction of ‘Nutrition Advocates’ for every workplace, to continuously promote and enhance good nutrition, including hydration, for all staff.
  • Sharing any and all of this, for the benefit of everyone!

Hydration and Nutrition Week is an important step for the business sector at large, to ensure that everyone, from the entry-level starter to multi-corp CEO, is happy and healthy in the work place. Anyone can get involved, whether you’re thinking of an entire overhaul of your office’s daily snack habits, sharing the word of great health with everyone out there who shares your interest, or just applying some little extra personal goals to your own day-to-day.

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