Are You Wearing It Pink Today?

Are You Wearing It Pink Today?

Today is Wear It Pink Day, charity Breast Cancer Campaign’s biggest fundraising event. Are you taking part?

As you can tell by the name, #WearItPink day is all about getting dressed up in a pink outfit, with pink accessories (and maybe cycling to work on a pink bike).

For everyone that turns up to the office suitably attired, why not persuade the business to make a donation to Breast Cancer Campaign?

But what if you’ve got a monochrome wardrobe and haven’t been able to find any pink to wear? Never fear, here are some ideas.

Cakes. Cakes for everyone!

Get to your local shop and stock up on pink sweets and treats. Put them in the office kitchen – next to the tea and coffee – and set up a donation jar for each one taken. People will be sure to have a charity biccie with their brew.

Burst someone’s balloon

Pink balloons? Always a great idea. You should pick some up and hang them around round the office. But you know what? Bursting them is even better. People can’t resist the thrill of popping one, so why not charge them for the privilege? Instead of letting the balloons deflate at the end of the day, give them a heroic send off and raise money at the same time.

Guess the marshmallows

Pick up a few packets of pink and white marshmallows. Count all the pink ones, make a note of the number, then pop the whole lot, including the white ones, into a jar. Challenge your co-workers to guess how many pink marshmallows there are in it – and the closest guess gets to buy the ‘shmallows to take home. (They’re paying to look smart, basically.)

Make your colleagues blush

Do you have male colleagues? Good. Do you have any make up in your bag? Excellent. Persuade one of them to auction off his cheeks in the name of charity and allow himself to be blushered-up. Not only will he be #prettyinpink, but your donations will be looking rosy too.

Go pink spotting

So you’ve not had enough time to wear anythink pink? That’s fine. Go pink spotting instead. For each person you see wearing pink today, make a donation to the charity. If you’re going out to lunch with a colleague, you can pair up and turn it into a little competition.

So those are some of our ideas, but you should definitely head over to the Breast Cancer Campaign website to see what else you can do and, of course, to pay in your donations. Good luck!

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