Celebrate A Green Christmas With Our Enviro-Friendly DIYs

Celebrate A Green Christmas With Our Enviro-Friendly DIYs

Christmas can be a costly period for everyone. From presents, to decorations and general festive activities – all these costs added up can make your paycheck spread a little too thinly during December.

So why not only save money and be enviro-friendly by re-purposing unused items for new purposes?!

We have teamed up with Fellowes to bring you this handy blog post where you will find some nifty DIYs that you can make during your down-time office period this December.

Book Page Wreath

Upcycle your discarded paperwork by using your office paper shredder to create a cool and creative Christmas wreath! This simple DIY takes minimal effort and time and is one everyone in the office can get involved in!



What you’ll need:

  • A wreath from your local craft store
  • Shredded paper from your office shredder
  • Scotch spray
  • Newspaper
  • Ribbon


For the full DIY instructions, visit The Gunny Sack

Keeping your Christmas decorations in one-place

A handy way to ensure your Christmas baubles are perfectly preserved when unused is to store them away in empty egg cartons. The size is perfect to place your rounded ornaments and trinkets for the rest of the year and can be easily organised and stored away.


Cool and quirky cookie tray 

Re-use old aluminum or cling film boxes as gift boxes for your homemade cookies. The boxes size are the perfect shape to present your goodies. Simply re-paint the boxes and decorate with Christmas embellishments and you’re set!


Toilet roll reindeers

Keep all used toilet rolls and re-use to create reindeer decorations for your shelves or Christmas tree. Using the example image below, cut the toilet roll into the reindeer shape. Once this is done, simply trace the outline with a black permanent marker and also draw the eyes and nose features.


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