National Stationery Week is a whole week of stationery fun, jam packed with stationery tips, special offers, giveaways and new and exciting ways to use stationery.

The main aim of National Stationery Week is to encourage Britain and especially children to down their phones, tablets and laptops and pick up a pen to write! Technology plays a big role in our lives, whether we’re texting, emailing, what’sapp-ing or checking in on social media and uploading our latest selfie. It’s so easy and convenient that it seems we have almost forgotten about writing.

Although technology is slowly creeping into our children’s lives, stationery is still one of the main tools used by children to express themselves and we should recognise the importance of the written word. Stationery can open up a whole world of creativity enabling children to draw, paint, write stories, poems and keep journals. Stationery gives children the chance to express themselves, explore the world around them and learn the importance of individuality.

So National Stationery Week is the perfect opportunity for Euroffice to launch the #SharpieShout campaign. Combining the best of technology and writing!

Euroffice wants to encourage as many children as possible to Hashtag their thoughts, feelings or wishes onto a t-shirt using a sharpie. It’s a fun way for children to voice their true feelings about things that matter to them right now. They might be excited about an upcoming holiday, totally in love with their new puppy or it could be something more serious. They might wish they didn’t have to spend so much time in hospital or reveal that they miss their parents because they work such long hours.

Naturally parents and carers want the very best for their children. This often means having to juggle long hours at work, family life, chores, shopping, all of which is less time spent with the child. #SharpieShout is a simple but effective way of highlighting the importance of making time to listen to children, whether during a bedtime story, over dinner or in the car and keeping the door to discussion open at all times.

By listening to children, adults are able to see things from the child’s perspective and find ways to involve them more in decision making processes. This doesn’t mean the child will always get their own way, but it does help reassure the child that their thoughts and feelings are being taken into account and are respected, helping them to build their trust in adults and boost their self-confidence.

To kick things off, check out our #SharpieShout Intro Video


 Let’s get Britain writing together! 





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