What Does Your Office Desk Say About You?

What Does Your Office Desk Say About You?

We all like to feel at home, even when we’re at work, that’s why we try to make the office desk a part of our everyday life.  Each of us has our own distinctive working style and, whether consciously or unconsciously, we create little worlds in our workspaces that reflect our priorities and personalities.

What does your desk say about you?

The family desk – photos and mementos

Don’t mistake the homely office desk with personal trinkets for someone who’s only warm and cuddly.  The family desk is like an office explorer, stocking up on emotional supplies to help them keep going throughout the day   

The photos are there to remind them of who they are really working for – their loved ones.  And, if the office can seem a little too unfriendly or deadlines a shade too harsh, there’s a quiet strength to be had in these memories, too.

If you ever need a pick-me-up in the office, or a reminder that work isn’t as serious as you think it is, speak to someone with photos on their office desk.

The decorated desk – proudly stating who you are

It’s not just a office desk or workstation, it’s a space you own, and you’ve given it an individual touch.  Many workplaces like uniformity – everyone looking alike and thinking the same thing.  Your desk is different – a quirky jotter, intriguing books, pottery.

You’re the person colleagues go to when they need a bit of lateral thinking.

The decorated desk shows someone with confidence – you’re saying you respect the office rules, but you’re going to live that little bit differently and value passion and creativity. People may think you’re going off on a tangent at a meeting, but there will be a valid point or new thought in what you say.  And someone will follow your lead.

Tidy desks – sticklers for rules and regulations

Those with ultra-neat desks are concerned about putting the world in order and like everything to work just as it’s supposed to – efficiently and quietly.  You could be forgiven for thinking that they lack personality.

It’s true that finicky attention to detail  – everything lined up or at right angles on the desk – can make tidy-desks a little hard to be around, especially if they are working with people who aren’t as organised as they are. But everyone knows that they can be relied on in a sticky situation.

Value these workmates – they are steadfast but do not make a show of it. They’re a good complement to people with messy desks, helping to channel their energy. And they probably have a subversive streak underneath the prim exterior.   

The messy desk – the inventor in the office

Ostensibly, the chaotic workspace isn’t good for productivity. Trying to find files by moving piles of paper and leafing for Post-its in dog-eared books takes up a lot of time.  But there’s a method to this madness.

Owners of messy desks are lost in the clouds, leaping from idea to idea and trying to find ways to change and improve the world around them. They’re good at spotting trends and linking unusual facts. They’ll be the first to pick out a new cocktail or daring dish at a restaurant – and to come up with an answer for what seems to be an intractable business problem.

People with messy office desks are some of the most creative and inventive in the office – you just need to give them time to find that idea under piles of paper.

The inspirational desk – positive mental attitude

This is the one sprinkled with messages about success and perseverance: the coffee mug with the uplifting quote, sticky notes with wry business slogans or even a carefully nurtured and unusual pot plant.

The person who sits at this desk hasn’t had success handed to them – they know what it is to work for it. They have taken their cue from business gurus and TED speakers – people who’ve been there and done it.

These messages are like lighthouses, a way to head towards success even when life’s seas are choppy.  And by challenging themselves to be happy and inspired, they want that for their co-workers too.   

You’ll find such colleagues both practical and encouraging: they like to help others and care deeply about self-improvement and group success.

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