What To Bring AND What Not To Bring To Glastonbury

What To Bring AND What Not To Bring To Glastonbury

The Mother of Festivals is upon us. Yes that’s right, Glastonbury 2015, is here and it’s set to be a blinder!

Festival fever is spreading across the office and although I sadly missed out on tickets, I’m still mega excited and will be tuning in to the radio and TV coverage.

So whilst my lucky colleagues who did manage to get tickets have been planning what to pack, I thought I’d share my festival Euroffice must have list.

What You Definitely Need

Wet Wet Wet Wipes

Yes it may be an obvious one but it’s an essential! Let’s face it, we can’t rely on the weather for an amazing performance of glorious sunshine, and from past experience festivals mean rain, floods, mud and then some. Whether you’re planning on roughing it or you plan on queueing every day for the shower, likelihood is you’ll need some wet wipes. Especially if the British summer is true to form and it rains – those mud fights might seem like a great idea at the time but when you’re trying to sleep and you’ve got hard, itchy dried on mud, a wet wipe will be your god send!

Toilet Rolls

You can bet your bottom dollar that when you go to spend a penny, it might not be the greatest experience. You’re finally at the start of the queue after a 40 odd minute wait, and walking towards the toilet you feel like you’ve struck gold, that is until you’re greeted by empty loo rolls. So make sure you’re prepared and pack a few rolls. Opt for these environmentally friendly Velvet rolls so you’re aligned with Glastonbury’s famous green ethos.


A festival must! Be sure to pack your wellies, because putting your trust in the British summer doesn’t necessarily mean it will step up to the plate.

And for the days that it doesn’t rain, you’ll need sturdy boots to wade through the mud and crowds.

These steel toecap boots are perfect especially for raving in the mosh pits!

First Aid Kit

So we’ve all heard the horror stories . . . concussion, blisters, cuts, broken bones, fractures and the rest. No matter how prepared you are for the weather and lack of bathroom facilities, don’t chance not being prepared for any accidents. You may think that mud can act as a great plaster but an actual plaster is a safer bet.


Make for a savvy festival goer and be prepared for all weather conditions. Pack a waterproof jacket and trousers or better yet, why not opt for a waterproof overall! This hooded number will protect you from head to toe! It may be a little Breaking Bad, but you’ll be breaking the

Now You’ve Got Your Festival Dos, Check Out Our Festival DON’Ts!

Beer Fridge

So it’s a hot day, the sun is shining, you’re buzzing after seeing your favourite band the night before. You go to get a beer and it’s warm . . . ergh! I know what you’re thinking, “I’ll pack a fridge! That’s a great idea”. No, no it’s not. Other than being a useful storage unit for your muddy clothes, a fridge will be completely useless. Think of the logistics, you’ll be looking for a plug for a long time.


“And to keep my valuables secure, I’ll pack my trusty safe”. Hmm, not the best idea. With festivals seemingly attracting the worst weather, and flooding quite probable, lugging around a heavy safe whilst trying to queue for the toilets or muddling through the crowd to get to the front, isn’t exactly ideal.

Sofa, So Good…

… or not so good. The humble sofa is perfect for chilling out, so surely a must have for festivals? Wrong. Fancy transporting it around from the car park to the camp site and back again? Well I don’t. So if you do pack a sofa, be prepared for lots of volunteers wanting to test just how comfy it is, and few wanting to help you carry it back!


Awesome for heating food, not so awesome for festivals. You’ll suffer the same problem with the fridge and finding that golden electric plug just isn’t likely to happen.

Washing Powder

Festivals are famed for not being the most hygienic of places, so washing powder might seem like a great idea. “I’ll hand wash my clothes”. Realistically how likely is that going to happen? Whilst your friends are having a great time, chilling out waiting for the music to start, you’re sat in the corner scrubbing at mud stains that just won’t come out. Yeah I thought so. Go with the festival way and grin and bear it.


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