Creative Ways to Use Sticky Notes in The Office

Creative Ways to Use Sticky Notes in The Office

The sticky note – most widely used for passing on short messages or reminders. They can often be found at the top of a large pile of paperwork, stuck to the fridge or on the back of an unsuspecting office worker.
We’ve come up with a few alternative ways to make the most of your sticky notes….

Crumb Buster

Biscuits, despite being crumbly no matter how carefully you eat them, remain a firm desk snack favourite. Lean back as much as you like as you take a bite out of that delicious, chocolaty piece of yumminess, rogue crumbs will still find their way onto your keyboard. It’s what they do. Before you blow them away or brush them off, risking them falling in through the gaps, forever trapped, you could try picking them up with a sticky note.

Inspiration Board

Where do you get your inspiration from? Perhaps you read a book, blog or news article that made you feel motivated and empowered? Maybe you watched a documentary that made you see something in a whole new light. Are you looking for some feedback on an idea you’ve had before putting it into practice? You could use the Speech Bubble post it notes to share anything you feel will help, motivate and inspire others in the office with an inspiration board. Who knows, you might find a speech bubble that helps you.

This Way

Arrow shaped post it notes can be used for more than just pointing out the huge pile of paperwork that has been left on your desk to be completed before lunch. They are the perfect shape for treasure hunt clues. Yes we know you’re in an office but surely if it’s a colleague’s birthday and their request for a day off has been denied you can spare a few minutes of fun and games. Cover the post it notes with birthday messages and use them to lead the way to that delicious birthday cake you’ll be sharing on your lunch break.

Forever Flowers

Flowers and plants really do brighten up the office but it you don’t have the time to care for them they won’t last long. Origami flowers and animals not only bring a little fun factor to your desk, they process can also help develop your creativity, concentration and patience.


How do you use sticky notes in your office?

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