How Art Enriches Your Office And Increases Productivity

How Art Enriches Your Office And Increases Productivity

It’s long been known that happy employees are more productive. But given that the modern office is often bland and soulless, how do you create a happy workplace? #OfficeArt has a part to play.

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People have been decorating their environments for a long time. Take a look at these 35,000 year-old cave paintings in Indonesia.

Art’s pull is so strong that even if we’re not creating it ourselves, we’re still decorating our caves with it today. Our homes are full of objects, posters, prints and paintings. Art makes us feel comfortable, it gives us something to think about and to feel about.

So why don’t we see more of it at work?

Psychological research at the University of Exeter has shown that people working in an ‘enriched’ environment – with paintings or plants, for example – were 17% more productive than those in a bare, ‘lean’ workspace. Productivity also rose to 32% when they staff were empowered or able to design their own workspaceTo paint their own caves.

There are other benefits, too. According to a report by the Arts Council, paintings and music can boost our health. Here are some findings:

 Visual art and music helped reduce anxiety and depression in people during chemotherapy.

There’s a relationship between people going to cultural events, such as exhibitions, and lowered blood pressure.

And most startling of all, ‘synthesised female vocal music and lullabies’ can help newborns in intensive care with things like putting on weight, getting more oxygen and going home sooner.

So art affects us in all sorts of ways – and not just music and paintings, either. When it comes to abstract sculpture, we might be hardwired to prefer certain shapes. So if you’re planning to place a piece of sculpture in the office, even if it’s just on the desk in reception, think about how people will feel about it before buying it.

If you want to bring art into the office, give yourself some time and space to do it. Look for walls that can be used for paintings and pictures. See if there are shelves and tables that can hold objects and sculptures, perhaps brought in by staff themselves.

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There’s a whole world of wonderful art out there. Let’s make sure some of it ends up in the humble office, both because it’s good for the business and because it’s good for us.


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