Make sure you make the right mark

Make sure you make the right mark

Many people say that you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, and the same can be said about your pen. The pen is still a must-have item for any worker; whether you’re behind a desk in the office or out editing blueprints on a building site, it tells a lot about what you do and how you work. The humble pen is one of the few items that has, so far, survived the digital age. So, what’s the best pen for your job?

Fountain PenMake an impression

If you ever wanted to feel fancy at your desk, but don’t have the space for an inkpot and quill, the fountain pen is the must have choice. A classic black and silver fountain pen with is perfect for those who want to leave an impression. Refillable inks are also available to stop your writing from turning all scratchy.

Smooth operator

If you’re tired of leaving smudge marks and dribbly ink splodges across your paperwork, then you need a pen that can be as reliable as it is practical. A ballpoint pen, such as the Paper Mate InkJoy Ball Pen starts writing as soon as it touches the paper, without dragging and only requires minimal pressure.

It’s all in the details

Technical pens are a must for anyone who needs incredible accuracy and precision. Originally designed for architects, engineers and designers, these chunky pens are ideal for adding details to building plans, tracing paper and lineboards. Some of these are available with a choice of different nibs, like the Rotring Isograph Pen, making sure your lines are always perfectly perfect.

Highlighter PensEmphasise your work

Sometimes, you need to make your work pop, make that sentence stand out against the rest or highlight an order on your reports. Whatever you need to draw attention to, a highlighter pen is your friend. Whether you need a full multipack to create a rainbow colour coded document, or you want to pick out your favourite colour, you can’t go wrong.

Whiteboard accessories

Whiteboards are a fun and inventive way to get your point across in meetings or group sessions. Whiteboard pens come in a variety of pack sizes, in all sorts of bright colours and thicknesses, so you and your whiteboard can get as creative as you like. Add a drywipe eraser to your shopping list and you won’t have to mucky your sleeve every time you make a mistake. If you’re more of a flipchart kinda guy or girl, you can check out our range of flipchart markers here.

PencilsPick up a pencil

The classic and origin of all our writing journeys, the much-loved pencil is the king of crosswords and drawings. With a selection of professional artist’s pencils for the designers among us and classic HB pencils with and without rubber tips, there’s enough choice here for people of all professions.

Cover your tracks

We all make mistakes; we’re only human! It doesn’t matter if you sometimes get things a little bit wrong, but what does matter is that you know how to fix it without leaving a messy squiggled out word behind. Correction tapes and fluids have long been the choice to fix the errors in our ways.

Fineliner PensIt’s a fine line

If you’re looking for a new pen that will make your writing as smooth and fine as a light jazz band and glass of chardonnay, then fineliner pens are just what you need. Crafted especially to be used by designers, draftsmen and artists, in both educational and workplace environments these pens leave an incredibly smooth, fine line on your paper with ease. Choose between coloured multipacks and a classic statement black.

Chalk the chalk

If you’re after a more creative look, how about a chalk effect? Chalk markers look like whiteboard markers, but the ink comes out looking like chalk. They don’t leave any mess or odour and they are solvent free too. Able to draw on windows as well as white boards, once dry they are shower resistant and smear proof. When you want to remove the ink, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

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