Top Christmas Essentials

Top Christmas Essentials

Get ready for Christmas with these must-have products from Euroffice.

We’ve put together a list of little bits and bobs that will make your life easier in the run up to the 25th (and some great rewards that you might want to save until the New Year).

On-Hand Sticky Tape:

This is such a clever idea: a #Sellotape dispenser that you wear on your hand, leaving all your fingers free to wrap presents.  No more reaching for tape only to have the wrapping paper pop open.

Super Scissors:

If you’re drafting in (reluctant) male help for gift prep, give him something to get excited about.  Appeal to his child-like sense of wonder (and inner James #Bond) by telling him these scissors are precision engineered and made out of specially hardened steel.

Batteries Included:

Before Christmas morning, make sure your kids’ presents already have batteries in them. That way they can start playing with their toys immediately.  (It’s also a good idea to refresh the ones in your TV remote control too.)

Bubble Wrap:

Whether you’re packing up something for the post, or have to move the fine china into storage before your clumsy cousin and her terrifying toddler visit, every house needs bubble wrap at #Xmas.

Posh Diaries

If you’re planning on buying* a diary to help organise everything this winter, then treat yourself to a bit of luxury.  This Filofax is made from soft buffalo leather and comes in a deep burnt-oak with light stitching.  (*Or just leave pictures of it lying around the house for your SO to find.  Subtle hints.)

Address Labels:

Christmas is the busiest time of year for the Royal Mail.  So much so, that since 1985 OFCOM and other regulators have excluded December for their normal targets for deliveries.  If you want to give your post the best chance of arriving on time, send it early and make sure it has a printed address and a postcode.

Bite-sized Chocolates:

#QualityStreet chocolates are great for sharing, as they are the perfect size to lob across the room to friends and family.  Just remember to pick up any missed shots, especially if you’ve got a pooch that likes to snuffle around for treats; unfortunately all choccies are toxic to doggies.

Camera Memory Cards:


Champagne Flutes:

According to Le Figaro, the oldest national newspaper in France, the English invented the champagne flute in 1750. We figured out that a glass with a long, narrow neck made sparkling wine taste better.  (Based on that description, I’m glad we didn’t end up with the champagne giraffe.)

But wait, there’s more! Have you seen our rewards?  

Something for her…

£20 Leisure Vouchers:

These vouchers can be used in thousands of ways across the UK. Whether you’re looking for a romantic meal, a relaxing holiday, a day out or a little shopping spree, you’re sure to find something to please you.

£20 Next Voucher:

I know #Next has all sorts of wonderful fashion and accessories, but honestly I’d use this voucher on socks.  They make great socks.  Mine have lasted for several years.  I think my feet will wear out sooner than the socks will.

£5 Theatre Tokens:

Everyone should go to the theatre in the West End at least once.  If you’re a canny shopper (and have a token) you can see some amazing plays at very reasonable prices. If you can’t make it to London, these tokens can also be spent in all major regional theatres in England, Scotland and Wales.

Something for him…

£20 B&Q Voucher:

There’s always a job that needs doing around the house.  With these vouchers you can get started on that project and use the money saved to treat yourself to a tipple and some takeaway as a reward afterwards.

£10 Currys Voucher:

With everyone going bonkers about Black Friday, it’s easy to forget that electronics retailers have major sales coming up in January.  Will you save this voucher until then, or put it towards a stocking filler for a loved one at Christmas?

£30 IKEA Voucher:

Did you know that up to 75% of #IKEA product imagery is actually computer generated?  Reportedly, the first digital product picture they used was of a Bertil chair in 2006.  Thankfully with these vouchers you’ll be able to buy real furniture and save real money.


What will you pick up from our list of essential Christmas products?  Let us know in the comments.



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