Curious Office Events

Curious Office Events

Picture an empty office at night time. The halls are deserted, the lights are off, and there isn’t a soul in sight.

Then something happens.

A chair slides across the open-space, unoccupied. The computer monitors flick. A filing cabinet drawer opens.

No, we’re not describing the opening scene of a horror movie, but the real case of a haunted office. (Or fake? You decide.)

Why are we scaring you with tales of ghastly apparitions? Apparently, today is #CuriousEventsDay. I say apparently because I was told by an apparition (or maybe it was just a dodgy video call).

Now that we’re in October, it’s only natural that the spook-o-meter will start to twitch a bit as people share the modern-day equivalent of campfire stories: water cooler tales about curious office events.

Cyber Squatters

Have you ever wondered what goes on at night in an empty office?  Or what happens to all those uneaten sandwiches and snacks after a meeting?  The answer might lie in California…

Disappearing Act

We all suspected that pens went missing from offices, but now the culprits have been confirmed. According to a Paper Mate survey, 70% of workers said their pens disappeared and almost 40% caught their colleagues taking pens red-handed.


Creeping out a Client

Reddit user jydk posted a story about how an attractive client came to his office, and he decided to look up said client on Facebook. As if that wasn’t weird enough, his creepiness was compounded by accidentally sending them a friend request – which immediately pinged a notification to the horrified woman’s phone as she was standing a few feet away.


Ghostly Goings On?

Owners of a Japanese restaurant in Florida refused to move into renovated premises because they said it was haunted. Apparently subcontractors reported seeing a ghostly bartender and dancing girls reflected in a mirror. We suspect spirits were involved.


Why Is It So Cold in Here?

We all know that ghosts make rooms feel cold. Could that be why some people in an office are always warm while others are constantly chilled?  Maaaybe.  But it’s probably because we’re not paying attention to our clo – that’s a special unit used to measure the insulation rating of clothes. So before you call a ghostbuster, best put on a good jumper.


And Finally, the Biggest Mystery of Them All

You know how socks always seem to go missing in washing machines? Well, if there’s an immutable law governing how things disappear, is there another one that states the office kitchen has to be full of dirty mugsWhere do they come from?


What curious office events have you seen?  Do you have an answer for the mug mystery?  Let us know in the comments.


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