Top 10 Useful Websites

Top 10 Useful Websites

It’s #Top10Tuesday and today we’re looking at #UsefulWebsites. See anything you might, er, use?

With eleventy-billion websites in existence – a rough estimate – it’s hard to stumble across ones that are worth bookmarking and coming back to. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a thousand bookmarks and only use about three of them.

Well, we’ve gone to find websites that will hopefully end up being in your regular rotation, both at work and at home.

1. Snopes

Lists common scams and fake stories found on the Internet, especially those from chain emails. It’s particularly useful for correcting elderly aunts who think Bill Gates will send them money.

2. TED

Amazing talks on all sorts of subjects.  You’ll feel smarter after watching them, and maybe more confused, too. A bluffer’s guide to sounding clever.

3. Simply Noise

A white noise and rainfall sound generator, so you can tune out annoying people at the office (and noisy neighbours at home).

4. Flux

Allows you to change the colour temperature of your monitor, so it’s easy on the eyes and gets rid of that weird blue glow. It’s especially useful if you work at night.

5. Lynda

Online tutorials for ‘software, creative and business skills’. It’s a subscription service, but free lessons are available.

6. Stolen Camera Finder

Pictures taken with digital cameras contain hidden information. This website will compare the info found in your photos with pictures uploaded to the Web.

7. Fat Fingers

Search through eBay listings that have been spelled incorrectly. Could you pick up a bargain Louis Vweeton handbag?

8. Copypastecharacter

Copy and paste unusual characters that aren’t shown on your keyboard. Perhaps it can help in my search for the rare triple-umlaut.

9. Print Friendly

Make any webpage print-friendly and cut down on printing costs to boot. (Bear in mind some websites ‘print friendlier’ than others.)

10. 10 Minute Mail

‘Beat spam with the best disposable email service’. Email addresses self-destruct after ten minutes. Mission Possible.

Special Mention: Euroffice Special Offers

After the hard work you put in visiting all those websites, why not check out the Euroffice Special Offers section? You can treat yourself to 40% off filing and archiving. No more excuses for that messy desk now…

There are our suggestions – but what about yours?  We’re sure you’ve got some websites of your own to recommend.  Let us know what they are in the comments!


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