Scrapbooking Day

Scrapbooking Day

I used to think #Scrapbooking was cutting and sticking pictures of the latest heart throbs and magazine articles of my favourite bands into booklets of coloured sugar paper using PVA glue and maybe a sprinkling of glitter if the mood took me. Let’s just say, when Take That split up (the first time) I may have had a little cry into my pillow, A Million Love Songs stuck on repeat, much to the amusement of my brothers who made it their life’s work to mock me. I probably still have the ‘scrapbook’ of grief somewhere in the attic (cringe).

In a way I wasn’t far off. Scrapbooking is a hobby not to be sniffed at. It’s a creative way of preserving memories, using photos, tickets stub, poems, favourite quotes, sketches (and pretty much anything else that’s dear to your heart) and turning into a kind of arty photo album, to be enjoyed again and again.


Scrapbook themes 

Usually in a scrapbook, each page or double page spread is dedicated to a single theme which can be absolutely anything, whatever is in your heart. If you’ve had a baby it might be milestone moments, first toothy smile, first steps or a christening. Maybe you want to scrapbook about your holiday and show off the landmarks you visited, friends you made along the way, an eventful night out or the local cuisine. Perhaps you are excited by the amazing opportunities available to you at work and want to showcase your achievements, the places you have travelled through work, projects you’ve worked on or awards you’ve won. You could scrapbook about your hopes and dreams, making a visual bucket list, something to work towards. The list is endless.


Putting together a scrapbook

Coloured or patterned paper is ideal for use not only as a background but can be cut into shapes and letters for decoration. There are so many colours and patterns out there that you’d be spoilt for choice, whatever theme you decide to go with.

For any poems, captions or drawings, a set of decent pens (preferably acid free) are needed to create the desired effect and ensure minimal fading or smudging. Sharpie pens, Pentel gel pens, Uni Posca pens and metallic pens are all great scrapbooking pens available in a range of colours.

Photos are usually the focal point, the decorations surrounding it being an artistic way of explaining its significance. There are many fantastic printers out there that enable you to print your very own high quality photos from the comfort of your own home.

Glue or tape is used to attach everything to the page. Even tape can be purchased in a range of colours and patterns.

Keepsakes from memorable occasions such as ticket stubs, train tickets, pressed flowers from a walk in the countryside, a sprinkling of sand from a day at the beach, a lock of hair after a baby’s first haircut, all make help to make the page even more unique and special.

There are a million and one creative ways to decorate pages, stickers, buttons, ribbons, stamps, paint and glitter are just a few materials that could be used. It’s all about imagination and a passion for the subject matter.


Uses for a scrapbook

Scrapbooks make wonderful one of a kind gifts for any occasion. It’s mother’s day coming up soon, why not make a scrapbook full of reasons why you love your Mum?

Bringing along a scrapbook full of personal goals and achievements to an interview or work appraisal may seem unusual but it would certainly make you stand out, highlighting your creativity and passion for what you do.

Do you love cooking? A recipe scrapbook might be just the thing. You could fill it with recipes, secret ingredients, photos of people enjoying your creations, cooking disasters and food quotes. A book like that is certain to be passed on through generations and added to along the way.

No-one’s life stays the same forever and aside from a few best friends who are there for life, people move on and go their separate ways, especially when leaving school, Uni, changing jobs or moving to another city. A friendship scrapbook is a lovely way to remember the amazing people we’ve met along the way.
Do you have any scrapbooking tips? We’d love to hear them ….

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  3. Inksmith at 12:19 pm

    One of my guilty pleasures is watching craft and scrapbook shopping channels late at night. (But I’ve never cried at Take That.)

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