Would You Hug These Fictional Bosses?

Would You Hug These Fictional Bosses?

Today is #HugYourBossDay! In lieu of being able to my hug own manager (he retreated into his office when he got wind of my cuddle rampage), I’ve been thinking about fictional bosses and leaders that would be worth a hug.

What do you think of my list? Perhaps there are characters you disagree with or even ones you’d add. Have I missed out an obvious #BestBoss? Let us know in the comments!


1. Doctor Who

Yes, he orders his companions around and isn’t a typical employer, but if you’re willing to risk your life to save the universe armed only with a sonic screwdriver, you’ve got my respect.   Do you reckon the #12thDoctor played by Peter Capaldi will be the huggable type?


2. Jane Tennison

Played by Helen Mirren in Prime Suspect, Tennison is a fantastic role model for men and women. Driven, intelligent and yet sympathetic to people in trouble, perhaps the character needs a hug just because of all the battles she’s fought.


3. Michael Scott

David Brent? Pshaw. Michael Scott is where it’s at. Office Manager in the US version of The Office, he’s annoying, childish and a bit of a coward, but he’s a great boss. Why? Because he cares and, despite some hiccoughs, he’s a good man.


4. M

It can’t be easy dealing with a playboy like James Bond, but through the years, M has remained calm, cool and committed to 007, even through difficult times. We reckon Dame Judi Dench‘s M is the one most likely to accept a stiff-armed hug.


5. Father Ted

Stuck on an island with an affable idiot, a hectoring tea-lady, and a terrifying drunkard, Ted seems like a man in need of appreciation. And he was only alleged to have absconded to Las Vegas with charity donations.


6. Captain Jean-Luc Picard

The perfect example of firm but fair, the Star Trek captain has an unshakeable sense of justice and honour. While he expects a lot from his crew, he’ll literally put his life on the line to defend them.  Make it so.


7. Tony Soprano

Yes, he’s a ruthless mob boss. But the way James Gandolfini played Soprano suggested the character had a softer, more paternal side that could make him quite affectionate – unless you got on his bad side.


8. Mr. Scrooge

Pre-ghost Scrooge is the kind of employer you hope stubs his toe, but post-ghost Scrooge? That’s a boss whose entire view of life and work has become inclusive, compassionate and caring.


9. Miranda Priestly

The Vogue Editor In Chief in The Devil Wears Prada, Priestly is tough and ruthless, but she’s an employer who’ll push you to achieve more than you thought possible. Is that worth a hug? You decide.


 10. Darth Vader

Yes, he has a habit of force-choking his underlings and altering deals, but thanks to the most recent Star Wars films, we finally understand that Vader turned out this way because his own boss, the Emperor, betrayed him.  All he really wanted was a hug from Luke.


So which one of these bosses would you hug?

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    • Euroffice Team at 6:50 pm

      We do forget though, that our bosses need that recognition too, they are expected to recognise the work and achievement of all staff and keep a balance while looking after the ‘business’ knowing each decision can affect all staff and their loved ones.
      The good guys, the good bosses and yes I can vouch we have one of the great ones, they deserve our hypothetical hugs, the high 5’s and the same level of gratitude that employees expect. And NO..this is not Simon writing! Lol it’s one of many happy content employees, who knows the value of a decent boss. (I won’t say if I got a bonus for that speech…LOL)

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