Working women stressed to the max

Stress at work is causing women some serious problems when it comes to juggling their careers and personal lives.

Research by Morgan Redwood shows that nearly 40 per cent of women making £40k or more say they can’t achieve a work life balance due to stress at work.  Instead of feeling confident and enjoying their jobs, two out of five admit they constantly feel anxious and lack confidence in the workplace.

So what’s causing all this stress?  It could be the recession.  Employers who are looking to cut costs or finding themselves short on staff after rounds of redundancies may be piling more work on employees.  Or employees themselves may feel added pressure to work harder if they’re worried about job security or finances.

Needless to say, stressed out employees – male or female – are not happy employees!  Finding and maintaining and work-life balance is essential, recession or not.

This Wednesday, 4 November, is National Stress Awareness day.  Visit the International Stress Management Association’s website to find out more.

If you’ve got a top tip for tackling stress, why not share it?  Leave your comments below.

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