Work Like A Dog Day – What’s Your Pooch Personality?

Work Like A Dog Day – What’s Your Pooch Personality?

It’s #WorkLikeaDogDay today, which means it’s a chance for you to be, er… doggedly dedicated to your work.

In case you’ve been slacking a bit recently, make this the day you sink your teeth into a daunting project or show your devotion to your ‘masters’  by putting in that extra hour to complete a task.

If you’re #Stuckintheoffice, here’s a little quiz to amuse you. We’ve picked some of the UK’s most popular dog breeds. Which one matches your office personality?

Labrador Retriever
Loyal, friendly and intelligent. Takes to training easily. Even-tempered, but with huge amounts of energy, which can be overwhelming.

Cocker Spaniel
Determined, alert and cheerful. Known to be athletic and resilient.  Is highly adaptable, and sociable and not keen on being ‘Stuck in the Office’ alone.

English Springer Spaniel
Fun-loving, affectionate and easy-going. Great stamina; very willing to learn and to obey, but can become mischievous when not given enough to do.

German Shepherd
Famous for its intelligence. Said to be able to learn a task after only five repetitions. Wary of strangers, curious, and highly self-assured.

Border Terrier
Independent, with a sense of initiative. Performs well in task-oriented activities, but can be strong-willed and stubborn.

Maltese Terrier
Lively and intelligent, with endless amounts of energy, but can be a little too fearless and loves giving people the runaround.

Perhaps you recognise some of these traits in your colleagues too and maybe you should remind your bosses that doggy devotion deserves some treats, but instead of #bonio biscuits you fancy a big bonus.  Woof!

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  1. Sharon at 4:44 pm

    Golden Retriever medium energy, loves companionship, works well alone as long as it knows there is dinner with the family …lol Loyal, will fetch just about anything for a pet.

  2. Neon at 3:07 pm

    I’m definitely a Maltese Terrier… Way too lively for my own good and constantly giving people the run-around (including myself at times) !!

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