Why you should keep your office desk clean

Why you should keep your office desk clean

A microbiologist talks about hygiene at home and at work

During a TEDx talk, Dr. Charles P. Gerba shared some surprising facts about germs (and poo).  For example, did you know that the cleanest object in most homes and offices is the top of the toilet seat?

Or that the ‘germiest‘ things in an office are the phones, desks, keyboards and mice?  (Did you just look at your keyboard?….I did)

Perhaps bosses should listen to Gerba’s advice about schools – he said that disinfecting desks reduced absenteeism by about 50%.  How much sick leave could be avoided if bosses made sure their offices were clean and people ate lunch away from their desk?

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  2. Euroffice Customer at 1:20 pm

    And about messy…someone I know is always messy but she knows where everything is, even something that’s buried under her messy pile of stuff. She call herself an organized messier…go figure!

  3. Euroffice Customer at 1:20 pm

    Think again. Apparently, women’s handbags are actually contains more germs. Well, kinda agree coz women bring their bag everywhere and probably just lay it down anywhere 😛

  4. Euroffice Customer at 1:19 pm

    Emily – we actually wrote a blog post about tidiness and psychology. Since my desk is messy, I’m claiming it’s a sign of brilliance. 🙂

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