Why don’t you have a calculator?

The numbers don’t add up.

For some reason, computer companies don’t seem to take calculators seriously.  I was staggered that my iPad didn’t come with one and my computer has determined that I can either use the on-screen calculator, or look at the numbers I need to add up.  But I’m not allowed to do both at the same time.

(You’ve had that problem, right? When you keep being bounced around different windows because your computer’s decided to be difficult?)

Just as every office kitchen should have a coffee maker, every desk should have a calculator.   You never know when you’ll need one – and when you need one, you don’t have time to futz about, fiddling with software or searching around the building.

If you’re an occasional user you don’t need a model that can print currency rates or a hardcore scientific one (though we offer both).  Just a solar-powered model you can leave in your desk and retrieve when your computer’s being difficult.

Or if you want to make a statement, get one of these:

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