Which part of you needs a diary?

Don’t forget the small things

Ze Frank, Internet celebrity and public speaker, has a peculiar and interesting video on diaries.  It’s not so much about office diaries that list meetings and projects, but personal diaries; keepers of thoughts, feelings and events.

Frank explains that everyone is made up of two selves: the experiencing self  (ES) and the remembering self (RS).  The ES is you, right now, reading this blog.  The RS is “the part of you that tells the story of your life based on the memories that it keeps from the [ES]”.

The RS ignores most of what we do; the early morning mug of tea, the something-and-something sandwich you had last week, etc.  Instead, it likes to latch on to big events.  What’s more, we’re motivated to seek experiences that leave us with big memories.  (In fact, we think of the future as memories waiting to happen.)

Frank says that diaries sit somewhere between the ES and the RS.  They give us a chance to record the small things that aren’t bombastic enough to get the attention of the RS.  That’s why they’re so important – diaries do our remembering for us.

Do you have a diary on your desk or in your bag?  Flip to the first few pages and see what your experiencing self was up to back then.

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