What’s Apple’s core?

What’s Apple’s core?

An insightful article about the high-tech company reveals simple management ideas that small businesses, in any market, could copy.

It may seem a bit weird trying to take lessons from mega companies and apply them to small ones; there are too many reasons to argue things wouldn’t work. Big companies have more staff, more cumulative experience and much, much, more money. But sometimes an idea is simple enough that it needn’t be ignored.


A case in point: apparently one of Apple’s procedures is that every Monday they have a meeting about what’s going on in the business.

Steve Jobs sets an agenda and they go through it. Even if 80% of the stuff is the same from week to week, they go through it.

Simple, predictable, boring, effective.

Another aspect mentioned is how they develop products. It seems they don’t start looking out for potential markets or untapped revenue streams. They think about what would be cool to have as a product, what customers would like and take it from there.

So how can SMEs take a seed from Apple?

How about thinking about what you would like from a company that offered your services. Not just in the final product, but your whole journey with the company, from receiving an email, to speaking to them on the phone, and actually paying for  a product you fancy.


Are you being simple, predictable, boring and effective?

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