What are you doing for staff wellbeing?

What are you doing for the wellbeing of your staff?

According to the World Health Organization “It is a well-known fact nowadays that a healthy workforce in a healthy workplace also means a healthy business. We estimate that the cost of work-related health and associated productivity loss represent around 4-5 percent of the GDP.” Thassabignumber.

For me, a healthy workplace is about giving people the best chance to feel good inside and outside work. What can we do at home and businesses do in the office?

First of all, become an ambassador for your own advice. At home, remember that vacuuming, sweeping, gardening – even washing your car or playing with your kids – count as moderate exercise.

If you walk to work, walk briskly; if you use public transport, get off a couple of steps early. Cycling is also great exercise. At work, try to get people to forget the lift and use the stairs, perhaps putting a ‘lift tip’ jar in the office so that people can put 10p into it when they cheat.

When at your desk, try some stretches and basic isometric exercises like trying to lift your chair while sitting on it, or clenching and unclenching your tummy. (That’s great when vegging out on the sofa at home.)

At lunchtimes, encourage employees to go for short walks, or for the more ambitious, encourage teamwork sports & exercise at the local park. Again you need to be, or appoint someone to be, an ambassador.

Here at Euroffice we play five-a-side football after work every Thursday and have regular lunchtime kick-abouts in the park. We’ve also got groups of colleagues who have joined local gyms and even the local running club. Of course all of this is done in conjunction with making sure the office is a safe, fun and friendly place to work. (Thanks in no small part to the free fruit we get.)

If you want some ideas and tips on what to do, we like the British Heart Foundation.

For a more academic overview, have a look at the WHO’s healthy workplaces.


Is your business promoting wellbeing?
Yes, we promote and subsidise fitness
No, the office is for working
Not interested in exercise
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