Top 15 Office Time Wasters or Life Organisers?

Top 15 Office Time Wasters or Life Organisers?

We put out a call to find out what apps you use the most, during the day.  We got some surprising responses.


We assumed we’d get lots of #CandyCrush and #FlappyBirds.  But, it turns out people are quite conscientious.


Instead of wasting time, you’re actually using a wide variety of apps to simplify your life and become more organised.  Indeed, some tie in quite nicely with our blog on ‘Dealing with failure at the office’  – and how one should always keep track of one’s achievements to keep motivated.


Anyway, here are some of the more interesting apps submitted.  See any you like?


 1. HROnline

Manage staff holidays and other absences with this app.   Boring?  Probably.  Essential? Almost certainly.

2. Strava

Go out for a run or a ride, track your time and distance and compete against other Strava users’ times.

3. Duolingo

Learn another language.   I’ve actually got this on my iPad – if it was on the phone I might use it more, though I’m pretty good already.  Buongiorno fraulein!

4. Weather Underground

This is a reallydetailed weather app.  Peculiarly, it’s got the same name as a radical-left American group that wanted to overthrow the US govt.

5. Out of Milk

This shopping list app enables you to share your list with other users and updates it across devices, so you won’t double-buy ice-cream.  For shame.

6. Sketch Club

Imagine a place where talented artists share their work and where you can feel bad because everything you draw and upload looks like a potato.

7. Audible

Amazon’s audiobook app had quite a few mentions.  If I had to fall asleep on the Tube it might be nice to nod off to Stephen Fry’s sonorous tones.

8. Unified Remote

This turns your mobile in a remote control for your laptop, so you can control things like iTunes and Spotify from your phone.

9. Threes

The people that made Threes claimed that another game, 2048, copied their work.   That’s a bit awkward.

10. UK Bus Checker

Tells you when the next bus is arriving and where it’s going to – but presumably not that it’s packed with weirdos.

11. Toilet Time

A collection of mini games to play on the loo.  I don’t want to think about this one any more, but it is quite addictive. 

12. Time Hop

Like a time capsule for media, this allows you to see all your photos and updates from any day in history.  Well, your history. Not, like, Caesar’s.

13. Find me Gluten Free

Enables people to locate ‘gluten free friendly’ restaurants and businesses while they’re out and about.

14. JamCam

Allows you to see all the traffic jams on your route.  Will future versions be able to track the drivers’ cumulative SPM (swears per minute)?

15. Lego Marvel

Save the world with Lego versions of your favourite superheroes.  (I’ve heard that if Spider-Man were anatomically correct he’d shoot webs from his bottom.)

Well, those are the apps that have been using our time up.   Do you use any of them, or have you got even more interesting ones to recommend?  Let us know in the comments.

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  3. Euroffice Customer at 9:42 am

    Could the out-of-milk app be converted to an out of paper and toner app ? Euroffice I claim 10% royalties !! 🙂

  4. Clare Elevique at 12:49 pm

    My fave at the moment is ‘Two Dots’ as a time waster or ‘Daily Routine’ for my Life Organiser – I go through phases of not engaging with apps, then wanting to try all the new ones, but I do have a pet hate for #CandyCrush and #FlappyBirds .. . . . grrrr

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