Top 10 Pens by Janine Atkin

Top 10 Pens by Janine Atkin

With so many #pens on the market today, choosing the right one is often a case of trial and error. This is my #Top10Tuesday list of pens available from #Euroffice  – pens that for me were more trial and keep than trial and error.


1) Pentel Energel

You know that feeling, when you find a pen you love and you have to rush to the shop to buy one in every colour plus extras just for good luck? Everything you buy and love gets discontinued, right? Well that’s what happened to me when I bought my first Pentel Energel. It’s smooth, it’s refillable, the ink is so quick to dry that even as a left hander I had trouble smudging it and it’s comfortable to hold for any length of time. I even think my handwriting looks neater with this pen. One of my favourite all rounders.


2) Zebra Sarasa

After a quick web search I’ve learned that Sarasa means Swan. It all makes perfect sense now. This pen glides gracefully across the page leaving behind inky lines of joy and not an ugly duckling in sight. This retractable gel pen can be refilled with a decent selection of colours and different point sizes, so it makes no difference whether you are a fine line fan like me or you like your lines big and bold, you’ll find a Sarasa to suit.


3) Waterman Expert Ball Pen Satin Matt Chrome

This Waterman is likely to cause some office pen envy. The very smart looking brushed chrome cigar-shaped body makes me feel sophisticated and quite posh, and it is the perfect pen for those serious work assignments. The reliable refill is a shining example of how a ballpoint should write. Sometimes it’s worth paying a little more for a superb quality pen that will be with you for years to come.


4) Parker Jotter

No, you may not borrow my Jotter. Yes, it’s for jotting but it’s for MY jottings.

Everyone should have one special ballpoint that slots neatly into your bag, pocket or personal organiser. The Parker Jotter makes it into my #Top10 for being a reliable, refillable and hard wearing note taker. The wide range of colours available means there is likely to be one that suits your personality perfectly. You jot with your jotter and I’ll jot with mine.


5) Bic Cristal Grip

A slight upgrade to the pen we’ve all come to know and love has made a huge difference. The same 2 kilometres worth of long lasting, reliable ink, the same selection of vibrant colours to choose from, but with a grip. I’d be extremely surprised if someone told me they had never used one of these or come across one either at work or at home. Just mind you don’t come across the same one at home that you were using at work that day 😉 Not that that’s ever happened to me, just saying…


6) Pilot Frixion

Mistake? What mistake? My error free pages of perfection have absolutely nothing to do with the magic eraser on the end of this pen which uses friction to make ink disappear. There are no rubber shavings on my desk so you can’t prove a thing.


7) Bic 4-Colour

No #Top10 is complete without this back to school classic. Not surprisingly, the Bic 4 Colour remains just as popular today as it was back then thanks to its fun and friendly design and long-lasting refills. Who doesn’t love a pen that conveniently houses our four most used colours within one body? I challenge you NOT to try and retract all four colours at once!


8) Pilot B2P Soda Retractable Ballpoint

Made from 95% plastic bottles, this eco-friendly pen means I can enjoy my pen addiction whilst at the same time doing my bit for the environment. We all need a gentle recycling reminder from time to time, and while this cool and colourful pen sits in my pen pot, I’ll be reminded that plastic bottles do not belong in the bin.


9) Sharpie Pen Steel Black

With a little help from famous footballer David Beckham, #Sharpie has fast become a household name. The brushed steel body, soft grip, its light weight and fine tip makes this one of my favourite Sharpies for every day use. It’s refillable too.


10) Uni-ball UB205 Vision Elite Rollerball Pen

Not only is the ink in this pen flight safe, waterproof and fade proof, its textured grip and smooth writing experience ensures this pen lives up to its name. This pen is available in a lot of bright, eye catching colours so I can be confident that my writing will stand out from the crowd.


This #Top10 post was written by our guest blogger and pen expert Janine Atkin. You can visit her fantastic blog here, or find her on Twitter @zeniebeenie.


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  14. Neon at 3:08 pm

    I have to admit to being a fan of the Sharpie range of pens too, the yellow accent highlighter far surpasses any other highlighter available on the market today !!

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