The Wet Romance of a Summer Sale

The Wet Romance of a Summer Sale

After witnessing someone collapsing on the tube, here’s a timely reminder to stay hydrated (and a cynical attempt to sell you something 😉


This morning one of the Euroffice team saw two people collapse on the tube.  It was packed and very hot and they were overwhelmed.  Thankfully our colleague was able to help and shared her bottle of water with them.


The cynical bit: our Summer Sale is on right now and we’re offering 60 litres of water free with a water cooler.


Personally, I quite like the taste of London’s tap water so I’ve got no problem staying hydrated.  But if your staff are a bit picky, then a water cooler might help them keep drinking and stay upright.   (You can also stock up on squash and cordials if they want a bit more flavour.)


Of course we’ve got other things in our summer sale, all of which, remarkably, happen to be useful on a busy commute:


Rexel supplies

Staplers, file folders, hole punches and more.  Innocuous stationery or improvised weapons to help battle your way onto train carriage?


Executive leather chairs

If you can’t find a seat on the tube, why not take your own?  Yes, you’ll crush a few toes and get a few stares, but that’s just jealousy.


Paper Mate pens

What’s that?  Your fancy chair has got the attention of an admiring passenger?  Just take out your newest paper mate pen and get their number.


Black n Red notebooks

It just so happens you’ve got a notebook to write their digits in.  A fancy looking one, tooSmooth.


Fellowes personal shredder

The date didn’t go well.  You don’t want to talk about it.  Shred the evidence.


Tired of commuting, not to worry…Teleport yourself over to the Summer Sale page CLICK HERE

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  3. Euroffice Customer at 1:04 pm

    I was on a crowded tube where a guy in a wheelchair had placed himself by the doors. He ran over my food, but being polite I didn’t say anything. At the next stop he stood up and folding up the chair – he wasn’t disabled, he was just using it as his own seat. True story.

  4. Euroffice Customer at 1:04 pm

    Like the idea of taking your own seat onto the tube, do you think London Underground will give us a discount if we did ?

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