The staircase bookcase

Has Dutch designer Danny Kuo made hard-to-reach shelves a thing of the past?

We’ve drawn attention to interesting bookcases in blog posts before; I think the last one was a bookcase that was curved towards the user, so the shelves at the top and bottom were easier to reach.   Danny Kuo’s design also makes the bookcase easier to use, but in a different way.

In his nine-shelf bookcase, three of the shelves can be used as stairs.   That means he’s able to make a tall bookcase – using more of the room’s height – and make it easier for people to reach the top.  If you think about how much of a room’s volume is wasted, building up – as with skyscrapers in cities – is a good idea.

Kuo’s bookcase is available to buy, but from an Italian designer-furniture shop.   I can’t find a price, so I assume it’s reasonably expensive.   If your business is very successful and you’re involved in design or engineering, then perhaps this sort of bookcase will be a good investment, especially if you’re able to show it off to prospective clients.

For the rest of us, though, it might be better to wait to see if Kuo’s bookcase becomes more readily available.  Until then, we might have to substitute a footstool for his staircase.

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