The Scientific Hangover Cure

The Scientific Hangover Cure

Did you drown your sorrows after England’s #worldcup loss to Italy?  Are you nervous about the Uruguay match?  Be prepared with this scientific #hangover cure.

Everyone knows the best way to avoid a hangover is to drink in moderation. (Well, technically it’s not to drink at all, but I’m not sure how many people can handle #officesportingmadness without a teeny sip of something.)  We’ve found a great video from AsapScience that explains how to avoid a groggy noggin and clanging headache.


The morning after:


Your boss should have laid out an office breakfast of bananas, fruit juice and eggs.   All of these will help your body recover, though possibly at the expense of a rather pongy workplace.


The night before:


1.  Before drinking, eat fatty foods and carbs.  One of Clan Inksmith visited the USSR in the 1960s; he and his friends ate butter before going out on the tiles.


2.  Keep away from dark booze.  Drink water throughout the night.  Alcohol makes you pee, meaning you’ll get dehydrated.  Dark drinks contain more toxic chemicals than light ones, making your body work harder to get rid of them.


3.  Have an aspirin before bed, but keep away from paracetamol.  As an aside, paracetamol is actually quite dangerous in large doses, so you should always use it carefully anyway.


Whether you love football or hate it, keep this simple system in mind the next time you go on the razz.    Remember to drink responsibly and take care of yourself and each other.  Oh and to eat a delicious Uruguayan #chivito sandwich before going out.  Yum!


The mighty Chivito Sandwich



Hangover Cure

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  2. Euroffice Customer at 1:13 pm

    Best cure I know of is to watch Rooney, 300 grand a week and he cant take a corner – it’s enough to make you vomit !!

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