The good old Snopake Polyfile

We sell a large number of document wallets at Euroffice so thought that we should talk a little bit about them, this article is focused on Snopake Polyfiles; they come in a range of materials (mostly plastic and paper based) with various opening types and we stock all sizes from DL document wallets up to A3 document wallets.

One of the most popular products for a number of years has been the the good old Snopake Polyfile. This product was launched into the market almost 15 years ago in 1995, being a more durable, environmentally friendly and elegant alternative to its predecessor – the manila folder.  Since then, the success of the Polyfile has grown and grown.

The Snopake Polyfile is quite different to the other products in the market as it is manufactured from Polypropylene, it is tough, easy to wipe clean, long-lasting and available in an array of vibrant colours and soft clear pastels.   Complete with a fancy coloured popper, it ensures that documents stay safely inside the folder.   In fact, the Snopake Polyfile is now such an established product that over 15 million trade packs have been sold during the last 14 years.  This means that somewhere in the world 10 Polyfiles are purchased every minute!

Originally the “Snopake” name was known for correction fluid, as Snopake was indeed the world’s first ever correction fluid, way back in 1956.  Since its re-launch into the UK in 1987, the company expanded their ranges to encompass other stationery lines such as Sticky Notes, Glue Sticks as well as a stylish variety of Polypropylene filing and presentation products, all which can be used in the office, school or home.

With the success of the original Polyfile, the range was extended to include Polyfile Trio, Polyfile ID, Polyfile CD.  Varying in size from A6, DL to A2, there is a Polyfile to meet all needs – from storing documents, artwork, CD’s and photographs to holding business cards.

The most popular Snopake polyfiles at Euroffice are the Snopake classic polyfile and also the Snopake Electra which comes in a range of great bright colours. And, with our Polyfile DL, we have even created a product specifically to keep your passport and travel documents secure.  In fact we believe we have a Polyfile for almost every use – including one for your favourite lipstick!

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