The colour of money?

Almost four weeks ago I wrote about American CEOs taking an online colour test, designed to tell people their personality type and the careers most suitable for them. Somehow the colours one chooses are supposed to give insight into who you are and your calling and the CEOs tended to pick the same colours.

It seems that the idea is getting some more publicity, because the Guardian has just run an article on it, though it’s more about the thought that everyone can get an insight into their ideal job, not just CEOs.

You can try the test yourself

While these tests are fun, I’m not sure how accurate they are. I remember reading that, when people are given personality assessments, they’ll tend to read them as being personalised even if the assessment was meant for someone else. In essence, personality tests can be so generalised that they’d fit anyone. That reminds me of something.

The bigger a company gets, I suspect the more likely it is to use tests like these. That’s a problem. They’re a way of fast-tracking human insight, supposedly sorting the wheat from the chaff in a way that, ideally, does away with all human interaction. (Ideal for HR and the bottom-line, that is.)

Let’s use these tests to promote discussion, but should we rely on them for anything else? How about we do away¬† with the idea of fast-tracking job applications and take it slowly instead. Get to know someone, call them in to have a chat about what they’re interested in,what makes them tick. Talk about things that aren’t anything to do with work.

I suspect that’s the best way to find the best staff.

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