The (burger) king of printers?

How Epson helped a fast food chain save money.


Who keeps Britons eating burgers? Epson, apparently. The company has issued a press release about how its products and advice helped one of the largest Burger King (BK) franchises in the UK. Even better, some of lessons learned could be applied to SMEs even if you don’t use Epson products.


Franchisee Karali runs 61 BK restaurants and employees 2,500 people. The problem was that the company used 13 different types of printers, from four manufacturers, across its locations. While ordering all that replacement ink and toner was a challenge in itself, things were made even more complicated because nothing was standardised.


Karali’s IT team analysed what the company’s printers cost to run and how easy they were to use (its staff weren’t always IT literate). They then worked with Epson to come up with a managed solution. Under the new system Karali switched to inkjet printers, which were higher quality than they expected, and whenever one ran low on ink, an order for a replacement cartridge was automatically sent to Epson.


There’s more detail in the press release, but the lessons here are simple enough. First of all, managing multiple printers from different manufacturers can be costly and time consuming. If you can, use one model of printer across your business. Ordering replacement ink and toner will be less complicated, plus it makes life easier for staff (no more ‘What button do I press?’ hold-ups).


Second, monitor your printer usage. If you’re unable to do this automatically, treat a printer like a kettle. In the office kitchen, the last one to boil makes sure the kettle is topped up. Likewise, the last one to print lets the office manager know if replacement cartridges should be ordered before the current ones run out.


There’s no need to make a meal out of ordering ink and toner supplies.

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