The beauty of Post-its

It’s one of those simple things that makes you think “Surely I could have invented it” – The Post-it note. A little piece of paper with an adhesive back.

So what would the Euroffice office look like without the Post-it note? Probably less like a paper jungle. Post-it notes seem to be everywhere, stuck on every imaginable object around here. Just  looking at my desk, I’ve got one on my laptop , another stuck to my monitor, one on my drawer and even one on some real jungle foliage, my pot plant (it’s a message asking people to help to look after him because I’m away from my desk so much).

Like plants, Post-it notes come in various sizes (see what I did there?) There’s even a super sticky note.They’re also come in an array of colours Red, Pink, Green, Orange… the list goes on and on.  Somehow my colour seems to be Pink – but the most popular colour of sticky note is yellow or as 3m have trademarked it ‘Canary Yellow sticky note’.

They’re used to remind us to do things, let others know about things and then there’s the other world where Post-it notes are being used to create ART – just check out our other blog post.  (Let us know of any others that you see around the web, would you?)

So for something that the chemist Spencer Silver  accidentally created for 3M in 1968 – and which flopped when the product was initially launched in 1977 – the office world has come a long way in embracing the Post-it note.

Bill Gates famously stated that he wanted a computer on every desk – whilst he’s not far away from fulfilling that mission – Silver might be the man that’s already done that for a piece of sticky paper.

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