The A-Z of Office Supplies ‘A-D’

The A-Z of Office Supplies ‘A-D’


Here at Euroffice we love office life…

….and pride ourselves on being the office supplies experts, with this in mind, we’ve come up with a handy product guide. The A – Z of Office Supplies. A gift from Euroffice to your office, to help you find out more about what we have to offer. Each week we’ll feature a selection of our favourite products along with some quirky facts about each of them and of course, all the information you’ll need to purchase your own. I wonder if anyone will get the full A-Z collection 🙂   Let’s get the ball point pen’  rolling with…

A is for…

Euroffice A4 Paper Ream-Wrapped 80gsm White Box [5 x 500 Sheets]

  1.  You’ve heard of reams of A4 paper, but did you know that a bale is a bundle of ten reams? And 25 sheets of paper is called a quire.
  2. French paper was once classified by watermark. Raisin, which had a grape motif, measured 50cm x 65cm & Grand Aigle (75cm x 110cm) had a crowned eagle.
  3. A single tree can produce up to 3,077 sheets of A4 paper and a single sheet can be recycled up to eight times.

5 Star Address Labels 89x36mm - 250 Labels

  1. After ordering a TV online, an American man received assault rifle by mistake. The courier company had got address labels mixed up. oops!
  2. Postage stamps are a form of currency in American prisons, so address labels on packages have to be inspected carefully.
  3. In 2012 a Chinese man shipped himself to his girlfriend as a surprise.  He almost suffocated when his couriers couldn’t find the right address.

5 Star A4 Ruled Analysis Pad 70gsm 8 Cash Column 80 Leaf

  1. Before they had paper, Sumerians were making proto-analysis pads out of clay, with one used for charting livestock dating to 2028 BC.
  2. Tax evasion was Al Capone’s downfall.  His insect-phobic bookkeeper talked about the gangster’s ledgers after he was held in a cockroach-infested cell.
  3. Fra Lucas Pacioli (d.1517) not only invented double-entry bookkeeping, but his pal Leonardo Da Vinci illustrated his book on the Golden Ratio.

B is for…

Euroffice Medium Clear Ball Pen 1.0mm Tip 0.4mm Line Black [Pack 50]

  1. Ballpoint pens are slim but have enormous capacity. The ink in clear ballpoints can draw a line that is up to 7,500 feet long.
  2. The first ballpoint was invented in the USA in 1888 to write on rough surfaces like wood & fabric. Inventor John Loud made few pens and let his patent expire.
  3. Laszlo Biro, creator of the famous pen, worked on over 100 inventions & was a surrealist painter.  Argentinian Inventors Day is held yearly on his birthday.

GBC Binding Combs Plastic 21 Ring 145 Sheets A4 16mm Black  

  1. Binding combs are clever, but they don’t have anything on the 16th Century Swedish ‘6-in-1 book’, whose binding means it can be read six different ways.
  2. Until the 1930s document binders were made of coiled wire. Metal shortages in WW2 forced a switch to plastic for binding combs & spiral spines.
  3. Could binding combs have an ancient ancestor in Asia? Japanese ‘stab bindingalso wraps around the spine of the book, though using silken thread, not plastic.

Business Card Holder Desktop Single Pocket Clear

  1. Magician Harry Houdini gave people he met a triangular business card – he must have had a custom-made card holder to match.
  2. In Japan, it is good business etiquette to carry a business card holder; it’s considered very rude to simply stuff someone’s card into your pockets.
  3. Victorians kept their visiting cards in ornate silver card cases, the ancestor of today’s posh business card holder.

C is for…

Aurora DB453B Desktop Calculator Battery/Solar-power 8 Digit 3 Key Memory

  1. Perhaps the world’s first solar calculator, the TEAL Photon was released in 1978 for $39.99 – that’s about $146 in today’s money.
  2. ‘Lightning calculators’ was a term applied to people with prodigious mental mathematical ability.  They were popular acts in Vaudeville days.
  3. The first readily available mechanical calculator was the Arithmometer in the 19th Century.  It cost £20 back then, which is about £2,000 today.

5 Star Office Comb Binding Covers PVC 250 micron A4 Clear

  1. Comb binding covers are often made of PVC, whose thickness is measured in microns. A single human hair is said to be around 50 microns wide.
  2. The PVC used in comb binding covers can have an ignition point as high as 455°C – paper lights much more easily at 218°C.
  3. Mouthguards and dental retainers are also made from PVC..Smile 🙂 
  • Cupboard Shelf Clips

Bisley Shelf Clips for Cupboard Fittings  

  1. Skara Brae, a Neolithic stone settlement in Orkney, has a stone cupboard (and other furniture) dating back to 3180 BC.
  2. Skeletons in cupboards were originally known as skeletons in closets.  It’s thought the term was first used in an 1815 book on genetics & hereditary traits
  3. In 2014 ancient Iraqi pottery and food was found in a dusty box on top of a cupboard at Bristol University.  They were excavated from a tomb in the 1920s.

D is for…

Concord Punched Pocket Index Multicolour-tabbed Europunched 1-10 Extra Wide A4 White

  1. 18th century naturalist Carl Linnaeus invented index cards, the ancestor of subject dividers, in order to manage all of his scientific data.
  2. Apollo 11 astronauts carried mini manuals on their missions. Fixed to their wrists, these booklets’ instructions & diagrams were separated by tab dividers.
  3. Lewis Fry Richardson (d.1953) inventor of modern weather forecasting, kept a diary separated by his own subject dividers. Topics included jam and midges.

Duracell Plus AA 1.5V Alkaline Battery

  1. The Duracell Bunny was born in 1973. Its family now includes the Charger Bunny and the Plus Power Bunny, aimed at different kinds of types of uses.
  2. Scientists at Harvard used a 3D printer to create a lithium-ion battery the size of a grain of sand. These tiny batteries are intended to power micro-electronics.
  3. Benjamin Franklin coined the term battery as we know it, taking his cue from a cannon battery in describing things that worked together in an experiment.


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